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      So the police called yesterday to make me feel like an absolute liar.
      They arrested him he again made it look like I had attAcked myself.. cos I’d really smash a glass in my own face.

      They said I had emailed him which I hadn’t. So they said they wasn’t taking it any further AGAIN.
      I don’t know how they can sit there and let a person like that go.
      I really don’t.
      He got his mother to cover up for him saying he had a bruise!!
      I have a scar.
      Now the horrible nightmares are back and all the building up I had done has been ripped away.
      I really don’t understand this there is always so much against me..

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      HI HUn

      Sorry to hear u going through a low stage, yes sadly abuser family do stay on there side and cover for them , saty strong and continuing building your network of support, sometimes we can get worse officers which make us feel bad for reporting, next time hopefully u get better one, dont give up

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      Hi so so sorry you had this with the police , I have found them awful where I live, they have turned on me , one even abused me and that was a Lady. Did he smash the glass sin your face yesterday. There is always so much against us all Im afraid the whole system is awful and not just.
      (detail removed by Moderator)
      Do you have any police that specialise in DV can you contact them, they so often seem to say its just a domestic and leave or just take the man away for a few hours, what do they have t do to be arrested !!!
      I had one come to me a couple of years ago and mine had thrown a pan of water with veg in off the cooker, thank God it was not boiling, it could have been it was all over the floor, I had screamed when it happened and a neighbour must have called them the PC got a towel wiped up the mess and looked in my oven and said oh well at least you still have chicken and potatoes in there !, My husband would not speak to the other lady officer so they left and he sad he would stay in his workshop for whilst and they just left !
      So dotn feel you are alone in the police behavior altho yours sounds much more serious than mine, take care xxxxxxxx

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      He smashed a wine glass into the side of my Dave and said I had done it to myself. Why would I scar my own face!!!
      It was domestic violence officers and this women police officer was a (detail removed by Moderator).
      He’s been arrested three times for assaulting a women yet never charged.
      He’s really lucky I reckon it’s some inside job (detail removed by Moderator).
      He’s said he wants no contact and doesn’t want to be with me.. hallelujah
      But getting police on his side kills me the most

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      Complain to the police about this. I would not let this rest.
      Call Rights of Women.

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      That’s horrific!! What the hell is wrong with them. I am so angry for you!! My ex is currently on bail (detail removed by Moderator). What you are saying is what I fear he will do.
      I spoke to a solicitor who said if he is not charged- I should complain to the police (who in the police I don’t know) and make sure they don’t leave it at that.
      I defiantly wouldn’t accept this if I were you. I don’t know what to suggest but them believing his lies when the evidence is there- that’s just not rite!!

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      Thats awful them beng DV officers , what hope is there . Mine tried to get the police on his side, they just dont see how manipulative these men are , they dont see thro their false facade xx

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