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      Like tonight I kind of think I wonder if it is me?? I wonder if anyone ever would want me and the boys in the future? X

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      Hi Betterdays, When you are ready someone will come into your life and love you and your boys and until then I would focus on building a life for you and them. I am not sure of your situation but I am sure it is not you xx

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      Its not you. The way you feel is the way our Abusers have made us feel. I believe the only way forward is to be on our own and build our confidence up. We survived before we met them and we will survive after. Can take a few years to build confidence back up as it took years to knock our confidence. We don`t need a man, when we are ready we might want one.


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      Hi Betterdays
      Are you and your boys happy together?
      If so, why would you want anyone else in your life?
      If not, what could make you happier together? Simple things are best.

      Please know you’re all complete and whole already – you don’t need anyone to complete you. It may not always feel that way but it’s true. (I had a void inside me I thought I needed a man to fill. Turns out, it was an ache from a neglectful childhood in which I was ignored. I’m not so sure about all the psychological stuff but I found it to be true that my inner child needed me to acknowledge the neglect she’d felt – she definitely didn’t need a man!)

      Will you and your boys want someone in your lives again? If you do, yes, someone will want you back 🙂 And I expect you’ll make sure they deserve you – you deserve only the best love & care.
      (if you don’t, they probably still will, but you don’t have to have anyone in your life you don’t want there).
      Much love sweetheart. Take very good care of you S xx

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      Thankyou swallow that were a lovely post. Thanks for your feedback everyone. X*x

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        Thank you, Betterdays x

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      That was a lovely post, Swallow, and very true about the childhood void. Simple, gentle things to make yourself feel cared for and that express your individuality- that is the way forward X

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        Thank you, Serenity x

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