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      Hi all

      I’am (detail removed by Moderator) months free of no contact and I’m still having bad days and feel so alone. The abuse I suffered and the realisation is coming fast and thick. Especially the sexual abuse; I am still having night terrors and I feel so low. The thought of his new partner going through the same also plays on my mind but then I think maybe it was me and she will be ok and he’s changed.
      I managed to get a couple of close friends but seeing everyone starting to go back out meeting up with friends and I find it hard to just get out of bed. It’s been (detail removed by Moderator) months at I just being weak?

      Hope your all ok

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      No you’re not weak you’re recovering from abuse. Have you considered counselling? I found it really helpful. I’d also talk to your GP a d see if there’s anything they can do to help. Lots of us are left with post traumatic stress disorder and that takes time to sort out. When we leave abuse our brain then feels safe enough to process all the trauma we have repressed as a coping mechanism. So just be kind to yourself and take this time to heal x

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      Hi there, it sounds like you are suffering from complex PTSD. It’s completely normal after the abuse you have suffered.
      Please reach out to WA and your doctor. Counseling, both individual and group therapy are powerful tools that will help you recover.
      But most of all, you are not abnormal. In fact, you are very very normal. We are not built to endure abuse. And the pain that we feel is a natural reaction to it.

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      Thank you,

      I have been put on medication for my night terrors and I’m on the waiting list for my therapy but could be up to a year.
      It’s nice to hear that this is normal what km experiencing; I just want to feel that bit better that’s all. This is so hard

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      I understand where you are coming from as I am struggling too. I have a couple of good people around me that listen but I don’t think they always grasp the situation. I had counselling before I left through my local support group and she advised me to get more after I had left but to wait a couple of months as it’s going to be then I need the help.
      I have started reading ‘The joyous recovery’ by Lundy Bancroft plus I have done the freedom programme.
      Yesterday I was so low and so tired and I think It’s a case of learning what our bodies and minds need to recover. Take care xx

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