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      Have been trying to speak to someone from my local branch of WA since first thing Monday morning. I was first told they were in a meeting about the weekend etc. I waited for a call back all day and some of the next. I rang back, by now feeling a little upset. I spoke to someone who said they would take another message. She then latched onto the fact that hubbies hurt our son and Social Services were not taking action. She rang them, then me and then them eventualy accepting that it was a reasonable decision based on our history. I by then felt like the worst mother and that everything was yet again all focused on him. Still nobody is listening to me.

      In the end she took yet another message for someone to ring me back today. I waited till noon and yes another message. The phone call I got back was not only then just when I had (detail removed by moderator) but she hadn’t been told what I had said in any of my numerous previous calls as she asked how she could help I simply couldn’t answer. Each time I have to say it I get more and more upset. I am beginning to wonder if actually I made a mistake and I should just let husband move back in and accept I need to be depressed for the rest of my life, until I give up on that anyhow.

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      So sorry to hear this browneyedgirl. It can be so so hard to cope when you are so desperate and cant get help, I have been though a lot of this, people don’t call back or you cant get though.
      Its a nightmare keep having to repeat the same thing over and over to people.
      Have you tried the National 24 hour Domestic Voilence helpline, they will call you back as soon as they can.
      I got thought to them and they were very good they even give a referance number so if you call again they have all of the details of your calls.
      Google the National domestic violence helpline and try them, its so disheartening to get answerphones and it takes all of your strength to call over and over but do try them at least they will talk to you tonight hopefully and advise you xx

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      Hi browneyedgirl,

      I’m sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time getting support set up. I understand that it is really upsetting to have to explain your situation, especially if you are having to do it several times. Unfortunately in reality it does sometimes take a bit of time to get the right support established, but once it is the need to repeat yourself should reduce.

      It is also really natural to have doubts about taking action and feeling that it might have been easier to leave things as they were. However it sounds like you had little choice, and you had to seek support to safeguard yourself and your children. Sometimes writing down what has happened can remind you of why you had to take action.

      I know it’s easy for me to say this but please try to take it a day at a time, it will get easier.

      Keep posting, you are not alone.


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      I had the same problem when I wanted help. I never had help in the end and I had to help myself. Stay strong. This is a cruel world. x*x

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