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      Insist on driving past your house any given opportunity? There just can’t help it x

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      Falling Skys

      They just don’t like to loss control of the situation, sad to say they just don’t like to move on.

      That is why when I can get away I will move into a side street of cul-du-sac so if he there he will need a dam good reason. My worry at the moment is his changed his motor bike, the old one was very distinctive so I could spot him know it will be harder.

      Just hold your head high and ignore him,unless you are in danger the call the police.

      FS xx

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        Thanks falling sky’s for your reply. Yes your probably right. He’s doing his same pattern of behaviour when I cut him of he drives up and down. He’s probably still expecting me to give in as I have for nearly (detail removed by moderator) decades but not a chance x

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      Dear Better Days, I think that he is trying to frighten and intimidate you. Can you just ignore it, put him out of your mind, maybe get stuck into something else? Him thinking he is scaring you or making you anxious makes him feel big & powerful. When I need to I’m quite good at putting things out of my mind, just not thinking about it. I think its because I know that thinking about it will cause me trouble and make me upset. XXXXX

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      Two years out, my ex still drives past or parks up any opportunity he gets.

      I don’t know if he can’t move on it wants to intimidate me- or both.

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      Sounds like a bit of both Serenity. I think with some of these men it is as if they have an itch, the only way to scratch it is to get under your skin upset you or make you worried. Can you completely block him out of your mind so that you do not see or think about him when he is close?

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        I am trying my best. Thanks x

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      I am able to drive past him and act like he isn’t there.

      Must irk him rotten.

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