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    You know what…? Sometimes there are moments of sunshine in our lives! We forget sometimes! We come here share our pain, and despair as others do too. It gets to feel sometimes, it’s too much to hope for hope! And then just when we feel it’s all so gloomy! there’s a moment…when the clouds move away, and the sun comes out again! Because someones wonderfully gifted with the art of loving and caring for others despite what’s happened to them? Shares their love, their sense of fun to bring freedom! smiles to our face and joy to our hearts, fun for all and laughter to release from it all! For just enough time…..before the dark clouds loom again. So to those people, you know who you are and so do we! ThankyouπŸ’ so so much!πŸ’ž

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     Wants To Help 

    Hi Hazydayz,

    That’s a lovely post, glad you are feeling the sunshine in your days right now. You are so right though, there are good times to be had along this journey; not every day is doom and gloom thank God!

    This forum is amazing actually. There is such a wealth of knowledge and experience on here. Here we are, a group of strangers, all looking out for one another with the main aim of getting everyone out of unhappiness and danger to a life of happiness and safety. You often see on the news about internet trolls and the internet making so many people’s lives unbearable, yet on here there is nothing but support and respect. It just goes to show that when the internet is used correctly it is a wonderful tool.

    WE are all here together, to help each other.

    Together, WE are Women Empowered πŸ™‚

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      πŸ™‚ Hi WantsToHelp.Bless you!πŸ’ And yes, your so right. Have a nice dayπŸ’ž

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    So so true. xx

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      πŸ™‚Hi iliketea, Yes, it is, and bless you too!πŸ’ Hope your days a happier oneπŸ’ž

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    Hazydays , yes so true πŸ’•
    I have only recently joined this forum and already don’t feel so alone xx

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      πŸ™‚ weepingwillow I’m glad to hear thatπŸ’ž

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    Thank you for being sunshine in our lives because you are!! We help each other here. We’re all in one struggle or another and we just have to keep watching our sisters and when they fall we do a shout out. Doesn’t matter if we will never physically see each other in this life, we can still touch each other here. It’s a beautiful thing, really is and I’m very grateful to be part of it. To be allowed to be a part of it. I am very humbled when someone let’s me in because to me, I don’t think there is anything greater than that. I really don’t. Especially when someone is hurting, scared, confused and used to just clamming up and keeping it all in. I know when I’ve been there, good luck trying to talk to me because I’m in my cave, licking my wounds and am a snapping turtle. I’ve had to go back and apologize to people before who were trying to help and I wouldn’t let them. Stubborn? I wrote the book on that one. LOL! But we know when someone else “knows” where we are and coming from. I will listen to them long before I will listen to anyone else, counselor or otherwise. I want to know they really understand from experience. It’s affirming and I can let my guard down. They aren’t better than me, they’ve been me. Just thankful you are who you are and that you are in there fighting!!! Every day you fight and every day I just smile at you for it!

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      πŸ™‚ Braelynn, bless youπŸ’ for being here, being youπŸ’ž

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    We all have a part we can play regardless of where we are on our individual journeys and it’s great to know we have a band of sisters who have each other’s backs!!
    I re-read some of my posts from last year and I have come so far in that time. I got great support when I needed it and I hope I can give some back now.
    If you are someone in need of support now – maybe in a year you will be using your experience to support another sister as she starts her reawakening. The strength you get now will help others!!!

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      πŸ™‚Headspining we are all benefiting here, that’s true! I’m doing what I canπŸ’ž

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    Nice one Hazydayz
    I was thinking to add a thank you post the other day, basically to give thanks to forum. I joined here the other week as was feeling low and desperately needed to feel connected with people who know- you know?

    Anyway, didn’t have the guts to write too much at first. Can still feel really closed down about it all but then I started reading posts and reflected on the journey so far. It helped me to realise how far I had come but also that I am not alone. I cannot change what has happened to me but I can be part of the future. I can try to help support others and be a part of effecting change. That prospect provides tremendous hope and motivation for the future, it really does.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you survivors who are still hanging in there, reaching out and quietly making plans. I think that it is incredibly brave and smart to do so and I wish that I had of had the courage to. I had an important event this week (can’t give specifics) but I was without my support worker (through no fault of her own) and initially I had a wobble but I got it together and I fought. I fought hard and I may not win but I am telling you now- he got seen for what he was by a few around the table and that’s good enough for me. I think that I managed to find that strength within me because I had been inspired by reading all your posts and I had started to connect with some and that ‘fire in my belly’ (as Braelynn says) just got ignited. This is Not Right. No, I am Not Bowing Down to You Anymore. And that was that, he and they got told and they listened…oh, they listened and heard alright.

    There is strength in numbers you see, so Thank you Sisters


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      πŸ™‚ Thankyou Soulsearcher18, and thankyou too! You are so one of us now! You got that fire in your belly! As Braelynn would say…and your putting it to good use! Well done! You showed em! And your showing everyone here too! You are a brave! For truth and change, fighting to be heard! raise awareness! and inspiration! Your being heard!πŸ’ž

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    Bumping!for all who need πŸ’ž

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    Who needs words when you’ve got emojis. πŸ˜‚

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      πŸ™‚ My words exactly!πŸ‘πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’ž

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    Bumping for those who needπŸ’ž

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    Thank you for bumping this πŸ’ž just lovely reading all of the comments.

    Every single one of you has touched my heart. It’s amazing to see the strength in so many of you. We will always be stronger than any man makes us believe we are any less (they are the weak ones!)

    It brings me joy to know I have offered my help to others who’s position I was once in.
    We make differences to all our lives every day on here πŸ’–

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out of their day, away from their own problems, to lend a helping hand to any worries I’ve had. You are all wonderful πŸ’–

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