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      Me and my children were told to leave his property which I did with no hassle. I slept on a friends floor. He then txt to say I could go back as the children needed to be in beds. I obviously agree. Anyway i then filed a homeless application as I am not will or waiting for this situation to happen again. The lady on the phone was so lovely and really listened to me. Said she was putting me down as an urgent as I have children. She said someone would contact me soon with next steps. It’s now been just shy of (detail removed by Moderator) weeks with not a word from anyone. He’s been threatening to drag me out the house amongst other things. I can’t help but feel let down by yet another thing/group/ person I put my trust in. It took all my courage to call that day as my anxiety to make phone calls makes me sick to my stomach. I thought someone was going to help me. I thought wrong … again 😢

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      Please contact the council again, mine were helpful but yes there were weeks of silence in between. It took several weeks before they set my account up too, also if you haven’t then check your junk mail, mine went in there x

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      I have been checking daily 3/4 times a day in hope of some sort of miracle. It’s really hard for me to make phone calls and citezen advice said it was one phone call and I’d be over the worst. I am thinking maybe my case won’t be accepted as he doesn’t actually hit me 😩 I feel so disheartened I had really convinced myself I was within reach of getting out x

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      Your case will be accepted as you are a priority with children. You need to inform them about his threats and push they need to do something and soon. Keep going. They will sort you out.

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      I called again. There’s a 2 month waiting list to be assigned a case worker and then the case will start. So another at least 6 months of this c**p. Don’t know why I allowed myself to think someone was going to actually help me 😩

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      Dear Needout,

      I’m sorry to read you’re facing hurdles and have been told you’ve got such a long wait. It is so hard when you have had the courage to reach out, make all the difficult phone calls and then don’t feel you’re getting what you need.
      Just to check- when you called did you tell them that you are experiencing domestic abuse? This really should put you at a higher priority need. If it is the case that the council are enquiring whether you are deemed in “priority need” they have a duty to provide you with interim accommodation whilst they decide.
      You can read more about this on the Shelter website here:

      Priority Need due to Domestic Abuse

      As difficult and tiring as it is, you may need to go back to housing to challenge their response. Or, if you have not done so already and feel up to it, you could talk to your local domestic abuse service to see if they are in a position to offer any advocacy for you with housing.

      Please be reassured you do deserve help and support, keep going.


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      Hi Lisa thank you for your reply. Yes I told them I was experiencing domestic abuse. He said there was not much they could do as they have too many applications. I wrote this with tears as I’m so fed up now. Every day is another battle another argument another threat. While he doesn’t hit me I feel so emotionally drained just from the threats. Of cors he’s always sorry the next day. I can’t even get a gp appointment as I feel I seriously need some sort of counciling just someone to listen n tell me I’m not going mad. Why’s it so hard 😢

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        Hey lovely when you ring gp if you can say I need to see them in person I am experiencing domestic abuse they should get you that appointment if not go in if you can and ask them x I went for a injection and asked her how I can see a doctor as I can’t discuss it over the phone they were so good and got me one in the next week x you are doing amazing we know it’s hard but you are not alone you have us all here x keep talking x you have achieved so much already x x x

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      He just does not stop. I feel so sorry for my children. They do not deserve all this. It’s my fault I should of never came back. I hate how he makes me feel every day. Every day is another argument anther accusation another thing Iv done wrong. I don’t no how my life got to this I really don’t 😭

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