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      The horrible little s**t has hurt my dog 😢
      He’s hungover, not taken his painkillers since yesterday morning so he could drink last night. Funny how being ‘ill’ – even when self inflicted – doesn’t make everyone turn into a nasty person… Anyway I’m upstairs and I hear him shouting at the dog then the back door opens, him still yelling, then shuts. Then shouts to me that my effing dog is going cause she keeps shi****g in the house. When I come down and look out the window she is limping 🙁 my poor baby. I am fuming. I said what did he do cause she’s limping and he says (detail removed by moderator). So I check on her there’s (detail removed by moderator) 😢 I am now looking for (removed by moderator) who won’t charge the earth because I stupidly don’t have insurance and we’re on “his” wages at the moment, although if I threaten rspca (and I haven’t ruled it out) he should fork out the t**t 😡

      While I’m sat here on phone with my dog, he comes stomping out slamming doors ‘does nobody know what a f’ing bin is in this house, the mess and the dog are doing my f’ing head in, can’t stand living like f’ing tramps” doesn’t get a rise from me stomps back in living room.

      Am I right that this outburst is to deflect attention from his cruelty? I’m catching on…

      Wish me luck (removed by moderator), I’m not gonna lie to them 😔 he can (removed by moderator) deal with consequences for a change! Red x

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      Take pictures of your dog’s injuries. If you need to do something against him with the police that will help because they always ask whether he hurts animals.
      Please, do not have mercy on that man, please don’t. x*x

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      My ex used to punch kick and throw my dog. It started with cruel punches to ‘train’ him but it got horrifically worse. I never got another pet when my dog died. I couldn’t subject another animal to that. Some vets are now being trained to spot domestic violence as it’s very common for the poor dog to get it. There’s no marks on you that way to show the police. And the pain you feel is probably worse when the abuse the things you love. It will only get worse. I feel for you and would advise you to rehome your dog. I dread to think what’s happening when you are not about. You can tell by the dogs demeanour. Mine ran under the table when my ex came in and was so very reluctant to go walk with him. I now understand, but at the time I was so traumatised with the rest of the abuse. This man has shown you his true colours. Believe him❤️
      When the police arrested my ex, they asked me if he had ever hurt any pets! There is obviously a clear link to abusers of animals and women. Keep yourself safe x

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      Thank you. Oh I took photos within minutes Ayanna, I am learning… He actually thinks we are still going (removed by moderator) later(!) We have an appointment with the vet. I told him we wouldn’t be able to go out as the vet costs money (money seems to be a language he understands, feelings not so much) he’s not happy, I couldn’t give a **** about going out! Oh apparently it’s the dog’s own fault cause she’s “a pain in the a*s”(!!). Textbook.

      I wish she could come home and be safe, could she be fostered til we are out do you think? I will ask Google now 👍

      I will most likely be back on after the visit to the vet, wish us luck. Red x

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      Good luck. He’s awful blaming the dog. It’s never their fault. There are some places that will foster your dog until you can get free. I thing women’s aid will be able to help you. I think Dogs Trust might help too. I really hope your dog is ok. Maybe the vet knows someone who will foster meantime. Don’t be afraid to tell the vet. ❤️

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      Falling Skys

      Hi and hugs x

      Mine would get to me through my dog, it was the only thing that showed me any affection in the house.

      Because of the hours I work he would take him to the vets. For a year he would say each visit he would get him put down.

      When he did get him put down, I was relieved as I knew he was safe from him. I don’t know what went on when I was out of the house. It was just another way to hurt me.

      The next day while I was at work he sent a picture of him.

      When I asked when are we getting the ashes he said he told them we didn’t want them. Though we had discussed it and he said I could have them.

      I hope that your dog gets on alright.

      FS xx

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      Good luck too.

      Mine stole the family dog when he left and sent me photos of the dog every day for months to taunt me.

      I had already begun to worry about his rough and controlling treatment of the dog, but when I spoke up, I was told I knew nothing about dogs.

      I can’t bear to think about our dog as it’s too painful. He uses the dog to look good and to put on a front, but he yanks his lead and controls him terribly.

      My friend saw him shouting at the dog when he was out and about and thought no one was there.

      A typical trait of an abuser- to harm a defenceless animal.

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      got my own back on mine ,when he announced he was leaving me ,told him your not taking the dogs ,as it took him several months to leave he still saw them ,and until the house was sold he kept his key so came to see them ,but after I moved he has not seen them ,he rang me asking to have them on a weekend so I said no not after they way you treated me ,he says going back to that are you ,yes I said I was there for you when you fell out with her ,but you were still threatening me not to pay the mortgage ,even saying if I not move out of the house he wouldn’t pay ,he has never rung me since ,and not seen them either power to me ladies !!x

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      She (physically, for now) should be ok, they would normally have stitched the wound but with her age didn’t want to risk anaesthetic. Antibiotics and painkillers and antiseptic cleaning solution. I only told what I knew, didn’t go into the whole situation 😔 I felt judged from the start as my dog went crazy barking at another dog so I just froze and couldn’t find the words 😢

      Anyway we’re home and he says “where are we going tonight?” Some nerve. I said I’m not going. Because I don’t want to. Well he says we all have to do stuff we don’t want like I have to pay bills that I don’t wanna pay. I said so are you saying I have to go out if I don’t want to? No, he agreed. (Detail removed by moderator). Need us all out asap but my mind is going into overdrive and I can’t think straight. Aaarghhhh. Red x

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      Be careful. The girls may be going (removed by moderator) so they can’t see you being punished. I used to dread my son going out. Leaving me alone with my husband. What a way to live. I used him like a human shield as I knew my husband wouldn’t abuse me in front of him. Looking back, I couldn’t work out why I felt scared when my son went out. It really never occurred to me that my husband was deliberately abusing me. I just didn’t have the mental strength to put the pieces together. Please be careful. One way or another he will get his revenge. You’ve outed him for hurting the dog. They don’t like that x

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      It’s ok for now, they aren’t going. I did think that myself and got panicked but turns out they can’t go now. So all is calm.

      It’s horrible but morbidly interesting to watch him with the dog now. He’s stroking her gently and patting her when he walks past, like he feels guilty for causing her pain. Yet once she’s healed and “forgotten” about today he will almost certainly be calling her all sorts and threatening to get rid of her. I am observing the cycle as opposed to being right in the middle of it. It’s pathetic. He’s pathetic. She’s safe for now, she won’t be leaving my sight while he’s around this week, I have until her leg is healed to make some sort of arrangement 😰 x

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      My ex used to awkwardly pat my dog on the head with a flat hand and say ‘good dog’. It was so obviously false. A show. An attempt at trying to pretend he had any empathy for the dog. It was shocking. They feel no guilt at all. It’s just a game to them. Poor dog x each time my ex was arrested or detained I used to imagine my dog having a good laugh…..

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