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      Just back from a lovely couple of days away. Thinking how I never would have been able to do it if I was with him, feels good to be only pleasing myself. Happy days

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      This is just what I needed to hear. Thank you. Makes me appreciate my freedom too. Well done. I’m looking forward to a lovely holiday next month.

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      It pays off to get rid of abusers 🙂

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      Hi hope springs really pleased to hear that. I’m hoping to go on holiday with the kids when my house sells but feeling anxious bout it. We had holidays in the past but we’re always ruined as we had to please him. X

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      I’m also away again in a couple of weeks. I am absolutely loving my freedom 🙂

      Betterdays I know how you feel, when he and I went together it would always be about him and also he would try and ruin it before we went but once you’ve done a trip without him you will see it as a positive experience X

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      mixed-up mum

      I wish I could afford to go away – I’m relying on my mam to help support me and the kids right now – so there’s no money for trips away.

      The three of us were asked to go to a family Christening in a months time but I’ve had to say no – I can’t afford the travel as it’s 100s of miles away, and we’d need accommodation, and food etc while we are away – I worked it out and the whole trip would cost over £300 and I don’t have that – I just dont have money to go away weekends or even have days out…..

      My daughter is working all weekend in the local pub, my son most likely won’t be out of his room for the next two weeks….so life just goes on as normal…..no break away, no treats, no fun days out even. 🙁

      I know I got away, and I’m thankful for that, and I’m safe now and I’m free, but the price I had to pay was being a single mum and having no money…..

      The TV is full of adverts, showing happy families altogether round a big table of food – I’ll be going nowhere, seeing no one, and doing nothing.

      Sorry to ruin your happy and positive post – with my negative miserable one, just fed up today…….

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      You’re not ruining anything this forum is for sharing our experiences good and bad :).

      I understand what it’s like to struggle with money. I hope things start to get easier for you soon x

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      mixed-up mum

      Thanks – just having one of those days when you just can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel…..

      Not showered and dressed yet, not even out of bed and I’ve been awake since 8-30…….

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      Hope you’re having a better day today x

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      mixed-up mum

      Hiya – thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me – that’s really nice of you – brought a smile to my face – I really appreciate it when people show me they care, and are thinking of me.

      Yeah well up shower and dresses by 10-30 today – so that’s better!!!

      Went to se a friend and deliver Easter Eggs to her kids – as we couldn’t meet up on Friday – so had a nice chat to her and her husband – this is what I need – I need to get out and about more mixing with people talking to people – I work from home and I go nowhere in the evenings ( so some days I can have 2-3 days and never be away from the house) – and its just my daughter and me watching TV every night – and Im happy enough – but its not good that my teenage daughter is spending all her nights sat with me – and if I had a life she wouldn’t feel she had to sit in with me…….

      I don’t realise what a reclusive existence I live sometimes – Im cocooned in my own little bubble and never mix or socialise with people.

      I don’t like to ‘bother’ my friends they all have husbands or partners, and they have younger children than mine, so they are busy people running kids to activities etc – I don’t like to just arrive at their houses and I feel like Im being a pest – if only I had a friend who was single, or a single mother too – then Id feel I had someone who was more free like me – my kids are grown up they don’t ‘need’ me to be there for them every night.

      I wish I just had someone who I could just pop over to with a bottle of wine and we could share a laugh and a chat.

      Everyone needs some life outside their house and there family – but mine doesn’t exist – I spend all my free time sat on here chatting – you ladies are me social life!!!
      Not that Im complaining – its great on here – always someone here to talk to, and to listen to you, and advise.

      It cheers me up having you ladies to talk to – so thank you all.

      🙂 x*x 🙂

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      Oh how lovely it would be to go away but sadly my finances won’t allow it. I too would love to have a friend living locally who I could visit and chat to. Another thing I used to do is whenever I would call a friend, I would always think they must have better things to do than talk to me and the first thing I would do is always ask if it was a bad time to be calling. Not quite sure why I did that, another low self-esteem thing.

      M.U.M. that is exactly what you need, to go out and see your friends. They will be pleased to see you and it gets you out and your confidence will start to return. That’s what I’m conscious of for myself, that I will become so used to being on my own that I will just stay in on my own and become a recluse. Now that I’m starting to find some confidence, I don’t want to go backwards.

      Go out and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

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      I was watching a tv programme and a character said “I am a free man”. It’s really resonated with me.
      It’s hard to remember that I’m not actually alone and miserable, I am free from a worse misery

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      This has made me smile. I am looking forward to my new life. A safe and calm life. I am almost there and reading this makes me feel stronger in my journey – thank you.

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      Well do me! This is so brilliant. I’m so glad you’re having a good time. Well done!

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      My life is not ideal right now but as long as i don’t feel that horrendous pain i did a month ago i am ok with that.

      One day i hope to feel enjoyment again like you just have.

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      Glad you enjoyed it just in time for Christmas. 🤶🤶

      It’s just the lack of drama. It’s strange there is very little drama.

      Glad you were able to get away

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      So true – it’s nice to remember those moments. Where you are now and what you are doing – congratulations on this achievement.

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      I haven’t yet managed to leave my abusive relationship. I am too paralyzed and feel too scared to take that step. I fear the life that could await me, but reading everyone’s posts has made me hopeful and given me another push towards finally leaving. thank you everyone for sharing <3

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