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    I was told last week after waiting since last year that I have been made priority for a new house. I am currently in a housing association property and it’s only a 2 bedroom flat with two teenagers and my 1yr old. It’s also a fresh start. I’m sad to leave here as it’s were I grew up and I came back (detail removed by moderator). I’m also excited that it’s a bigger place and the ex won’t know our new address. The smallest things make me happy. This new place has patio doors and I can sit out and have a morning tea in my garden. I have a huge garden now which is like the size of a field but as I’m upstairs it’s not just a case of opening my door and sitting outside. The peace of mind that my ex doesn’t have my new address is such a relief. I was on the list for a 4 bedroom but they have allowed me a 3 bedroom as the wait for a 4bed is long and they gave away a 4 bed house to someone when it should have been offered to me first. That can’t be changed now but they have made a mends most importantly listened to my need to move. As my ex is emotionally abusive it has been difficult to get people to understand that it is just as serious as physical. I had meetings and called and called until the council and housing association actually listened. Up until last week, the system was based all on priority date and I feel glad that I have made them aware that people are not just a date and we all have different circumstances and they should take that into consideration. They agreed that a more human approach was needed and now I hope that it helps other people in my situation to be heard and helped xx

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    Well done you for persisting with these organisations and for making them see the actual people behind the data. That seems to happen too much now, doesn’t seem to be any humanity in some departments. Your new place sounds great, enjoy your first breakfast cup of tea there listening to the birds and the peace and quiet. I’m really happy for you gladtobefree xx

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    This is such good news gladtobefree, enjoy every sip of your morning tea in your garden, it must feel very liberating to be able to do that peacefully.
    Congratulations and well done for being so brave, leaving the place were you grew up behind you mustn’t have been easy.
    You can be very proud of your persistent efforts to have made the importance and seriousness of emotional abuse understood respected and acknowledged. They’ll certainly treat the next survivor with more understanding and compassion.
    How very nice having such big garden at your disposal, great for your little one to play in and your teenagers can hang in a hammock, they like to relax a lot at this age don’t they? Or they can set up a big garden tent, a pavilion? Will you plant flowers? will you start a vegetable garden? your garden sounds like a little piece of heaven full of potential, it must be exiting, I am very pleased for you 😊
    I wish you and your family lots of peace and happiness in your new home.
    Sending you hugs 💕🏡

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    That sounds wonderful, I’m so pleased for you, and very well done on your persistence. xx

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