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      My Ex and i broke up (detail removed by moderator). The relationship was not good at all, it destroyed me financially and emtionaly. he at some point took my car and crashed it (detail removed by moderator)
      he moved to another province for almost a year, i was relieved and i stop living in fear.(althou he still would call every now and then) i would block the numbers.
      but now his back in the same province as me.
      i stupidly reached out to him hoping we could meet i felt i still needed closure. as i kept asking myself why a person whom i believed loved me and i loved and genuinely cared about would do something like this.
      but little did i know that i would be opening myself up all over again to be harrassed and stalked. i changed my cellphone number, but he somehow got a hold of my new number. i block his number and he changes numbers and calls with a different number. he is making me feel caged all over again. and now i feel suffocated.

      my current boyfriend called him and told him to stay away fro me but that did not help.
      so. i ended up calling his dad to tell him (detail removed by moderator)
      he sill calls with restricted number.

      i don’t know why i feel sorry for this man, yet he has never felt sorry for me or even cared about me,
      i tried to also explain to him that if i got him arrested he would loose his job again like it happened the first time. but i feels like im talking to a brick wall. i Also ;learned that he has been exposing my personal secrets (detail removed by moderator)
      like how could someone do that OMG. The betrayal.

      the man really tore my life apart and i have had to start from scratch even with building a relationship with my kids, my finances.
      LOL still trying to recover from finances.
      even with my confidence.

      i have so much doubt about the decisions i make the people i bring into my life. my current relationship is amazing my boyfriend is the opposite of my ex. but i cant trust him. i cant even share my problems whether big or small.

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      Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Its all about power and control for abusive men. It must be incredibly triggering dealing with his behaviour again and him trying to jeopardise your future and your right to move on.

      This person does not deserve your compassion and understanding. You deserve to have a space to feel safe again.

      If he is harassing you again you may want to link in with your local domestic abuse service for ongoing support.

      Take care and keep posting

      Best Wishes


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      Hi Lisa

      Thank you for replying to my post.
      well i reached out to the police so i may reopen the case against him.
      (detail removed by moderator)

      however i did reach out to the sister to please tell him to change his email address and postal details. as his personal staff was still coming to my emails and residence.
      the sister thou did let me know that he did say he does not want anything to do with me anymore and that he was now ready to move on with his life…That is great news. despite that unfortunately he is still blaming me for everything, but at this point im at peace with not getting an apologyor any acknowlegdement of his wrong doing.

      i must move on and self forgive myself for everything.

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