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      Falling Skys

      I had a lift from some ladies (use the term loosely) to meet with friends we all know. When I got in the car they were on at me because they got lost as they didn’t know the area. When the arrangements where made they ask if I could meet them some where else and I said it was difficult for me to get there but I could catch the train to where they said but they said no it was ok they would meet me where I could get to.

      As they rattled on I stood my ground, one was telling me how I could have got to where they wanted me to go to easily. After a while it was apparent she had no idea what she was talking about or knew the area I live.

      As the journey progressed I just inverted into myself as I did with my abuser to survive.

      When we arrived I said to the ladies “Please let me know if you wish me to get the train back as it was such an issue”. They seem gob smacked and they said no.

      I was a little overwrought but enjoyed seeing my other friends and distance myself from them.

      They did bring me back more because they wouldn’t want others to see them for what they are, but I was so uneasy with them I couldn’t speak, I just listen to them running people down.

      I one way I’m pleased that I stood up to them, but sad that it effected me so, why do people have to be so cruel?

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      Hi,there are so many manipulative and selfish people in this world , its hard to avoid them, well done for standing up to them.
      Also so many people think they know it all and tell you things like how you could have got there xxxxx

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      Falling Skys

      Thank you Godschild 🙂 Just a little cross with myself for being effected so. But in the past I would have apologised even though it wasn’t my fault.

      FS x

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      I am sorry that you have had this experience Falling Skys. I work with a steamroller, I am terrified of her. She is the female equivalent of am extreme n********t. I have tried to report it to the managers, they do nothing. I have learnt to manage it because I have to, but every day of mine is spent feeling on edge because of her.

      Surviving Emotional Steamrollers

      Over the years I have learnt that women at times can be cruel, normally more covertly than psychically but cruel nethertheless. I have experienced this many times. Things turned around a lot for me when I stopped caring what people thought about me and just made myself happy. I stopped trying to fit in with the crowd and I accepted my differences. I always wanted to be part of the crowd but this just made me a target for bullying, it was terrible. Now if I get that it doesn’t affect me as much. I hope that you find a way to manage this. X*X

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      I was bullied at work two days ago by a woman. Women can be such a…, it is incredible.

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      Yes, i used to be bullied terribly, always in tears and being picked on. I didn’t know why, I just wanted to fit in. One day it turned around and I stopped caring about fitting in and did my own thing which was a bit controversial. I’ve never looked back. But you have to be on your guard against these women. I used to get into a lot of verbal confrontations, trying to stick up for myself, but it just made it worse. It is much better now.

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      Falling Skys

      Thank HA it was a help if I go and see my other friends I will make my own way there.

      I am learning who I am and loving it.

      I’m sorry Ayanna that you went through it the other day too.

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      Hi Hun

      Id avoid going out with them in future, good on you for recognising the people u want to be around and saying to them ill catch the train if its too much trouble for them

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      I can get how you felt totally. I have a co worker scares me out of my wits . Speaks to me so suddenly and harshly when I think I have done well, she gives me tongue lashing.
      Not nice is it?
      I’m nervous of women as well as men now.
      Still we can only learn and you did very well.x

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      Hi FS,

      There are some pretty unkind people around, who feel that making an effort for anyone else is a real inconvenience and spend their time criticising others. These people are toxic.

      It’s bad enough meeting them: being stuck in a car with them is unbearable!

      Well done you for managing to stay calm, but for asserting yourself a bit. I think our FS has found that she’s not prepared to take being anyone’s victim lying down ever again! Good on you, sweetie! x

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      Falling Skys

      Thank you all for you positive comments. I looking at the whole experience as a positive that I only shed a couple of years over them. That I said my piece without lossing it and that I saw some dear friends

      I can now say I’m not anti men I’m anti abusers.


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