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      Where I live has changed there are 3 drug dealers in my building and men coming and going 24 /7 shouting and they are so rough and loud
      I am just staying in my place not going out . I am trying to getting over my abuser and I am not coping with all these drugged people in my building its feels like it’s pushing me over the edge
      If I do have to go out I stand by my door and listen until It goes quite for a minute and think I can get out with out having to pass them .
      It is just like more male abuse . I did look out my window once and say I could hear everything they are saying and the guy just cussed me and now is extra loud on purpose all day every day ..The council want you to make a log of everything and no way am I up to that and no way would I let police know as if it got out it was me I would seriously fear for my life
      There is a street camera on my road how can they not see what is going on here it is so obvious and blatant . I am just staying in my night clothes all day and not going out . This is no way to live I will have to find the strength to move again . Any advise from you women will be a big help
      Big hugs x*x

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      Hey hun

      See if u can be re allocaed another place , totally undersatnd why u feel scared id be the same, i wouldnt make no attempt to talk to them even to say u can hear everything, do u have any children wonder if that would let u get another place quicker

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      Hello Hun thanks for the reply
      No I have no small children only adult and not living with me
      Where I live was fine before I had 2 other women as neighbours but they have moved and the housing have been placing young single men here so all men on my floor only me and upstairs all men
      I spent all my savings on doing up this place and i have it really nice
      They it all went downhill . The shouting and swearing triggers me I shake
      And one night a man from the flat opposite who sounded drunk banged loud on my door at 2.30am asking for sugar , I never opened the door and said no I don’t then he was saying sexual things to me I told him to beep off
      I went to the police and they said it was housing but to be careful as he has history
      and housing said it was police . I asked for them to rehouse me and they said there is another flat around the corner in the same complex
      That is no good and how can I get someone to swop as that would not be fair on them
      I went to the doctor and she said it’s not east to move nowadays and gave me medication to cope
      I have to have a break from this situation
      Big hugs xx

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      So sorry Hun, hope some one else can think of better suggestion I can Only think look into other properties

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