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      hello, i’m quite new here and already finding it really helpful. i need a little advise and didnt know where better thatsto go.. i have recently made the decision to leave my ex partner, spending everyday trying to build myself up again. my ex turned up lastnight to give some property back when it was agreed that it would be posted, whilst here they were very emotional feeling me unable to turn them away. they begged and pleaded me to get back with them again, i stayed strong and said sorry but no.. Fast forward to today, been a okay day, when i say okay its as good as it gets right now so i will take it up until this person then again made contact asking for a open chat for the benefit of themselves and not treating others like this again in the future, i politely declined and his person carried on to persist leaving me no option to block them, not how i wanted to leave things but i had no other option. they then went on to call me 30+ times of a no caller id. i was only recently made aware that people can use this method to call numbers that may have blocked them..

      my question is can you block no caller ID numbers or not? im unsure what to do as this is something that happens every time we break up and in the past i have gave in, after receiving nice gifts and letters promising to change and get therapy or couples therapy. i really dont want to fall for this again however im finding it particularly difficult right now. any advise would be greatly appreciated

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      Hi looloo – I’m sorry I don’t know the answer but I do agree no contact is the best way so we can be safe and begin to get them out of our heads and not have their devious manipulating mind bending behaviour. Stay strong – it slowly gets a bit easier and ride the tough days out. Hope someone can answer – if it does go on you could consider reporting harassment but I understand that’s not for everyone and not always a solution anyway. Well done for getting out!!

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      Hi @looloo.
      You can’t block numbers without an Id, I don’t think, but what you could do (depending on type of phone?) is put your phone on silent, but with the setting “allow calls from contacts”. So the only calls that will come through are numbers already in your contacts list – which you haven’t blocked already.
      Not perfect, but I guess if there are any calls from people not in your contacts then you will see that they have tried to call and can get back to them?

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      Hi @looloo

      Well done for staying so strong under such a bombardment.

      If your phone won’t block numbers without an ID, there is a free app called “Quiet at night”. It blocks all calls except from numbers you choose to allow through and you can set the time so that it filters calls all day.

      Otherwise, it might have to be a new number. xx

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      I recommend talking to your phone company and explain someone is harassing you. They should help you change your number. I had to do it a few years back when I was getting threatening phone calls. It helps if you have contacted the police about the harassment and have a crime reference number.

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      Hello, I am so sorry you are going through this! They sound like my ex, I have been through the same. My ex used to call of a no caller id all the time, I found a setting in my phone to block all private numbers. check your phone make and settings, and you can also find help on the internet for that. if your phone doesn’t have it, you can contact your provider to change your number, which I did. You can do this free of charge aswell, aslong as you havent changed your phone number in the last year i think it is, thats with o2 though.

      I am so proud of you for sticking up for yourself and standing your ground <3 I wish I did the same

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