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      Do you find you watch everything differently? As some of you will know I’m half way through the freedom programme and I seem to be seeing everything I watch differently I don’t watch soaps and I know they do dv storylines. But what I do watch is I’m a celebrity and I seem to keep applying everything I am learning to the people in there. I rant about Lady C being Narcistic and as for Chris Eubank I was shouting at the TV yesterday he was clearly gas lighting. Do others do this? I just want to watch TV normally!

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      Twisted Sister

      once the scales truly fall from your eyes, there’s just no going back, you cannot not see it, perhaps?

      I never knew the FP to use categories of personality disorders/traits/types… as in ‘narc’, thats not in the programme, but yes, certainly to the other thing, gaslighting, and all the other dominators contrived and preplanned tactics intended to instill fear, obedience, respect, ownership and control.

      blew my mind! and there’s a horrible amount of it around, its never a waste for anyone to do the programme and see the tactics of the perp, shocking!

      You think when you’ve been with one nothing else could shock but looking deeper is shocking even still.

      great you found it so educating, i guess if it works that just never stops but we stop being so aware of it.

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      We haven’t talked about narcistic behavior on the fp however I have talked about it alot trying to understand it as my perp since I have left has tried to say I am narcistic!

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      Twisted Sister

      i found it best to shut out what he says 🙂 but thats only successful at times so i can understand your going round and round with his name-calling, which is all it is. Sending us off at tangents in order to take the focus off him perhaps?

      I cannot open my ears to any more of what he says, has said, does say still, to me, others, i’m struggling enough with the left-overs still they sure do plant those doubts deep don’t they? Its the trouble isn’t it, that when someone you have committed to, love, and respect says something we listen and take it on board… hooked…

      warmest wishes KS x

Viewing 3 reply threads
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