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      I’ve posted before sadly I took him back was a few weeks of bliss till [day removed by moderator].
      He heared something on TV about social media he hates it!! Caused an argument because he thought I was on it.
      He ripped off my clothes then proceeded to get me on the floor where I think he slapped me twelve times across my face pulled my 8hair I cut it off after then kick me in my ribs he was so angry about me going to the police he just kept lashing out. My children have been put on child protection and today I’ve had to try hide the bruises with as coming out.
      I’m in a very dark place at the moment and i don’t see a way out. :'(

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      Omg don’t know what to say except monster who does he think he is ,can you report him
      big hugs ,please please dont do anything to yourself MEN are not worth it
      sending you virtual hugs and a virtual bunch of flowers xx

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      Thank you so much for your reply. I’m too afraid to go back to the police. He got away with everything it was all dropped previously through lack of evidence.
      I took him back after months apart honestly thinking he had changed shame on me.
      I became strong but now I’m right back where I was on the floor feeling like nothing.
      My social worker as said she knows I’m keeping things from her.. Think she sussed the bruises make up didn’t do much xx so at rock bottom.

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      So so sorry to her this fallen angel, what a beast treating you like that, they go into these rages if they don’t like something its inhuman. Sending yo a big hug x

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      Massive hugs. Please report him. I know things may have been dropped last time but you need to send a message to him that if he hits you you will go to the police. Get yourself checked at the Drs or hospital – the bruises are evidence. And please don’t be hard on yourself they can be so convincing. Stay safe xx

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      Hi Hun

      Sending massive hug out to u,i know u prob feeling really scared right now and low on self esteem about how u got bk in this scenario, but please hun take help and get out, go to the gp and log u feel scared and helpless, it so important,please talk to your social worker ,it will get worser,im not saying this to scare u, im saying it to warn u, it happened tome hun, i kept it first time from social services i was petrified my kids would be taken off me ,u need support to get out again and keep him away, he will only hurt u and this will have impact on kids, when i was trap no body told me of impact it would have on kids as i had no support , all i ever got told was stay together cause of kids,don’ spoil there life , staying with abusers effects them so badly, watching the emotional damage u see afterwards is heart breaking and is so hard to repair and then to reach out to them , Please make that statement , talk to social services or womens aid, do whatever way u feel safe hun, but by not reporting it, his just received his permission from u to carry on doing it and thinks can get away

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      If you call police this time he cannot get away because you have visible bruises.
      (Detail removed by Moderator)
      Be honest, do not hide anything.
      You will have a better life. x*x

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      Peaceful Pig

      No darling, no shame on you. It’s all his. I’d like to agree with all the others ladies have said. Also I wanted to add that as well as the bruises you may have rib damage. This could be dangerous to your health if not checked out and from what I picked up from that programme on DV last night evidence of that could make all the difference to what be could be charged with. Wishing you so much strength to get safe and free x*x

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      Hi HUn

      Hope you feeling better today, hope u took on board what we said and hope you are getting help, you can do this again hun please have faith

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