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      I lived alone and had a good time at work. Life was great for me, things developed in my favor.
      I was on my day off and it was summer. I lived in the (removed by moderator). I decided to take a stroll around town. Suddenly I heard a man’s voice and he came closer. I turned around and saw a man running towards me. He had (removed by moderator), was a bit older than me by the looks and quite handsome.
      He was dressed like the typical British gentleman. He smiled at me and greeted me, introduced himself and said that he had seen me and he liked me so much. He wanted to ask me whether I would go and have tea with him if he paid for it. I checked him out and thought: no harm why not.
      We ended up having tea in a nice place where I had never been before. The conversation was friendly, interesting and somehow uplifting. I agreed to meet him again. We exchanged phone numbers.
      The following weeks we took a lot of walks in a huge park. At some point he told me that he had properties around this park and he also lived in one of his properties. He was so polite, so nice, so respectful. He seemed to be genuine and a really good man. I began to trust him.
      When he invited me for coffee to his place one afternoon I saw nothing wrong with accepting.
      He brought me to a nice place in a very expensive area. Inside, the place looked a bit empty for my liking.
      He made me coffee and we sat on his sofa and chatted.
      Suddenly he put his cup on the table, stood in front of me, legs spread, opened the zip of his trousers and pulled out his willy. All this happened so fast. I noticed that his willy was full of freckles.
      I jumped up, I think I even let the cup with the coffee drop on the floor. I had my bag with one grab and run to the door. He run after me. You crazy (my nationality) he shouted after me. That was the end of this romance.
      Until today I laugh about the freckled willy.

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      Poor Ayanna, you have been through a lot of horrible things.

      Yes, we laugh these things off, but really they traumatise us.

      When I was at school, we had a very shy and conformist friend. She was very gentle and conscientious.

      After her A’levels, she went abroad to work on a charity scheme. There she met the man who was to be her husband. It was a whirlwind thing- they had got married before you could snap your fingers.

      He was older than her, and very orthodox in his religion. He made her convert, so that she could not see is without him being present. She couldn’t eat with her family anymore.

      Her parents were worried sick, but those hopeful among us said that we were sure our friend was level-headed and wouldn’t have married him unless he were a good man.

      They came to the UK for a holiday, and my friend went to visit them, staying overnight at their flat. She told me that when morning came, this man was walking around the flat freely in a bath robe that left little to the imagination.

      When our friend went to have a shower, this husband of hers sat on a sofa in front of my friend with his legs wide open, showing his privates in all their glory, his eyes boring into my friend’s whilst he chatted normally as if he weren’t even aware- yet he was.

      My friend felt sickened.

      We were only in our late teens at the time, and I often wonder how our friend is. She lives abroad, and lady I heard she had chronic health conditions and an army of children, and hadn’t contacted her parents for a long time.

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      Omg, Serenity, your friend seems to have given herself up and surrendered to the situation for life. Her health is the only rebellion she allows herself.
      I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate my man-free life.
      After all these experiences I really have enough. My life is so peaceful and quiet now. I only need to sort my PTSD out, then I will be fine.

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