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      They are coming thick and fast at the moment which shows how much reading and talking clears the mind.
      He’s used different tactics at different times, refining them until he finds the best one for the situation and to counter my strength. And the lack of consistantancy /switching it up hiding his true purpose. I’ve kept him on his toes but taught him to be a very accomplished manipulator.
      God help his next victim. I only hope it’s not who I think it is.

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      Falling Skys

      Hi SH

      I know exactly what you mean, I very knew what way the abuse was going to be served, I was always on my toes, waiting for it. Sometimes he would keep me on the edge for weeks and then I would blow just to get it over with.

      Sadly there is nothing we can do to stop him abusing his next victim, just hope they realise before its been going on to long.

      FS xx

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      Accomplished master manipulators they are- but we have the brains to see it and be one step ahead.

      Yes, I pity their next victim.

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      Ellen b

      I know what u mean the more I read on here and books I just find myself going yes he did that wow they are all so alike and the worse one how could I not see what he was doing to me it’s all so obvious now… And yes I worry for the new women even tho she knows exactly what I went through with him and still had him back


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      Jelly bean

      Ellen b, at least you have now seen things for how they really were. It can be frustrating at times that you didn’t see it before now, even when you were warned! I get angry at myself for this quite often but you just have to be grateful you have now seen the light!
      I tried to warn another woman about my ex but sadly it fell on deaf ears. But, I was also warned and chose not to listen. By his own mother Infact.
      But yes you are right, pity the next victim..x

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      Do not worry. He might find his master. Not all women are helpless, some are warrior queens and dish them out what they deserve.

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      I am still in the situation and he is a constant manipulator always trying to make out everything is my fault. I too was warned off by his mother! But of course you think you know best. Always on edge in case something trivial sets him off again. All the others before will say the same thing. He even released the handbrake of
      my car so it rolled into the road as I refused to move it so he could drive his car after an argument. He had been drinking. Didn’t want him to hurt others.

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      They have to have the last say and the last word to get their own way, you should have let him drive and called he police if he had been drinking

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      That happened to him before in a previous relationship which he constantly tells me about so he’d know/assume it was me. He has been banned several times for it over the years. He does this every weekend.

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