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    I left him in (removed by moderator) as I found he had been cheating … Ended up having to call the police as he’s not stop contacting me . Over the last few months so many other girls have come forward so far (removed by moderator) 💔 that he was messaging whilst with me . On 3 different social media platforms… Thethe conversations that I dud see between him and the others were creepy? Begging pleasing to meet them very very persistent. One girl even told me that it freaked her out. I use to beg him to do things with me go places ect but he never wanted too . So why? I don’t understand I feel this is some sort of illness he has as the amount of women he’s tried with and even yesterday another came forward I know this is never going to end as I know there are probably more I don’t know about . More that did probably give in to him . IM really struggling … The abuse I suffered for years I acted crazy as I new something wasn’t right . He even payed for me to go to a private doctor last year (whilst he was cheating) and they diagnosed me with ADHD but I was only acting crazy as I new something was going on behind my back and now im right? I’ve not taken my meds since he’s left and I’ve been ok 🙁 this is surely abuse the fact he paid for me to get help but all along he new what he was doing but just lead me to think and my family I was crazy!?

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    Hi Louloubee,

    It sounds like you’re learning to trust your gut instinct with this which is great. Lots of women in abusive relationships struggle with their mental health as a direct result of the abuse. Perpetrators also blame the other person for their behaviour and deny that they’re doing anything wrong which can make you feel like you’re responsible for their behaviour.

    Abuse really comes down to someone wanting control over you; it can be exhausting trying to figure out why and you may never have the answer. The best thing to do is to try and focus on yourself; try to build yourself back up again.

    It might be worth going to see your GP if you’re struggling. Try to be kind to yourself and keep posting to let us know how you’re getting on,


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    I’ve contacted the police I feel he needs to be charged well IM not sure? He payed for me to seek medical help as he claimed I was crazy yes I acted crazy as I new he was cheating for him to claim I was crazy to go as far as pay for me to seek help knowing what he’s doing is this cohercive control???

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    Hi there Louloubee, you can find out more about Coercive control here. If possible, you might like to explore this further with a support worker with a support worker via the Live Chat.

    best wishes


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