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      Hi all,

      Just wondering if anyone else is constantly sick after leaving?

      I feel like every week I get a new bug that renders me completely useless. It feels like anything that isn’t lying down completely wipes me out and then I’m ill for another couple of weeks!

      I know I need time to process all that has happened but life keeps lifing doesn’t it? I need to be working and earning money to support me and my little one. My ex is pretty dedicated to trying to ruin every opportunity that comes along for me so I need to remain strong.

      Just wondered if this was a thing? I was so rarely ill before.

      And it’s always my throat now. I’m wondering if that’s a thing? Because I am not speaking up?

      Wishing you all well.
      Stay strong x*x

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      Hi hpsauce,

      Just want to say I’m sorry to hear how ill you have been lately. Leaving an abusive relationship comes with , as your well aware, a lot of stress and anxiety and this (along with the fact there are bugs going around quite a bit at the moment), make you more susceptible to getting ill, unfortunately.

      Please allow for rest and self-care as much as possible. It sounds like you are feeling the pressures of life, needing to work, etc., but everyone needs to feel able to prioritise their health (both physical and psychological) when it’s needed.

      I’m sure many women here can relate to feeling the way you do and hopefully can share their experiences of how they managed to feel better; from visiting their GP to yoga, to counselling and resting. It may take some time, so I hope you can allow for this.

      Take care,


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      To 2nd what Lisa said, it should be anticipated what with given all of the stress which will have a knock on effect with your immunity. Take what time you can to re-charge and get well so that you can be ready for what’s ahead xX.

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      Hi Hpsauce, just to give you a little hope, although I was very unwell when I left (awful sore throat that felt every bug was attacking me) with the selfcare and time to rest I am finding I am generally healthier than when I was in the relationship living with that continual stress. I used to have frequent colds and catch most things going around.
      Be kind to yourself and make that time to rest and get fresh air.

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      I am still living with husband and feel I’m constantly ill. Have wondered about the connection between what I’m living and physical health.

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      Bless you guys,

      Thank you so much for sharing. Spirited Away, it’s interesting you mention sore throat as I constantly have a sore throat, lose my voice or horrible chest stuff. Makes me feel like I literally need to get stuff off my chest!

      Thank you all for sharing. I just feel so beaten down at the moment. It’s unfathomable that I will ever feel ok again. Emotionally or physically although I know with time it will happen.

      Thinking of you Caledonia6. It all takes its toll doesn’t it? It’s our bodies way or showing us that we need hibernation and zen! Sending you all the love and hoping things aren’t too rough for you.

      Health and zen to all x*x

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      I think when you first leave your body knows your not as much in the fight or flight scenario as you were when you were with ur abuser.
      It takes a lot out of you and you kind of go into shock if that makes sense. It’s telling us we need to stop and take stock of everything.
      Hope you soon feel well

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      Yes this is common. I was in and out of Drs myself – so much stress.

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