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    I’m out in my car…it’s (removed by moderator) and I feel like the only person in the world awake. I’ve been desperate to run from pain tonight and I’ve done something stupid! I didn’t want to be home alone with my sorrows so I came here where he wants to spend his time. (detail removed by moderator). He’s no use to me! But I’m sat here still. I’m here tonight instead of being home alone. After another day now another night, missing my so loved… loving & loyal furry little friend, who died (removed by moderator). I’m lonely and sad. And stupid! For coming here on a whim. What’s wrong with me? Maybe? But my (removed by moderator) is possibly dying too now, after a (removed by moderator) and no one knows why? I can’t face anymore loss😢 anyone hear me?💞

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    Hi, Absolutely I hear you, and you’re not stupid to be out rather than home alone.
    Losing pets is awful, happened to me (removed by moderator) so I get that one too.
    Hard though it is, don’t assume the worst about your (removed by moderator), no doubt she’s in the right place with people who will do their best to help her.

    If you can do phone Samaritans on their national number day or night, they’ve helped me many times by being there and listening when I felt it was all far too much and didn’t want to go on.
    It’s not easy when you get a stack of problems as well as HIM to deal with, today is another day, thinking of you and sending you hugs xxxx

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      🌄 Morning. Thankyou Tickleribber for being here, for replying to me. I drove home to my bed soon after posting, just woke, found your reply. So sorry for your loss also. Hope the days are moving you forward?I don’t know what is coming next for me? But yes, your right, there’s people out there if needed. I just know… I can’t think of exiting! leaving this pain behind… for my daughter. She has so much to cope with already. I’m waiting on Councelling as it is, it’s taking so long coming. There will be so much to cover now. But, I’m a survivor! I will survive, I have upto now! So then…I say again…thankyou💗 you helped me! Open my eyes to my humanly fragile vulnerability, my momentery mistake of running away in the wrong direction whilst feeling… lost! Now your advice and support ring out to me, start anew! A new day has dawned for me, for us all… Sending you strength and love💕 and the same to anyone here reading this who feels in need. 💞

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    Hi again,
    You’re so welcome, I hope things are moving along well for you too, sending you more virtual hugs and positive thoughts.

    Like you I can’t think of exiting, truly it would just bring a fresh set of difficulties. I don’t have any emotional attachment to him and live my own life best I can. It would be nice to get a new pet, house feels empty, but HE uses my fondness for them against me so it doesn’t seem fair which is sad.
    My (removed by moderator) said he’ll keep an eye on his social media in case anyone there needs to rehome a cat urgently that he thinks I’d like, we’ll see.

    Do keep Samaritans in mind, it’s rare to wait more than a very few minutes to speak to someone, and it can be very comforting just to talk knowing you won’t be judged or gossiped about.

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      Hi again Ticklerribber. Thanks so much for your reply. You might like to read the end of my very long reply to my posted topic this morning. What you mentioned about the house feeling so empty without your much loved furry friend! It struck me you might like? my little miracle that happened a couple of days ago. It’s helped me! feel a little less, without my fluffy baby. A cat? Yes, They make home feel like home, curled up, in the windowsill or on the mat in front of the fire don’t they. You liking your son’s idea? Samaritans, there are some good ones out there arn’t there. But I don’t worry about being judged! I say what’s true and feels right and leave it with others to believe or not? Anyway, wishing you happy times & Thinking of you and your new furball🐾 Hazydayz x

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