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      I don’t think ASD is a disability, but it seems like where others might expect to find this topic.

      (detail removed by moderator). For a long time, my partner didn’t believe me. I try to explain our differences, but it often falls flat, like:

      -Have explained many times a shutdown is a state of overwhelm, and I am trying to (detail removed by moderator) He sometimes seems to get it, but other times still insists (detail removed by moderator)
      -I loop a lot while speaking, because I loop while thinking, (detail removed by moderator)
      -I legit do not understand a lot of stuff he says/claims is true, but when I ask why/for an explanation, I am (detail removed by moderator) (though now I am starting to realize that often there is no “why”).
      -He legit often does not seem to grok anything I am trying to explain. When I try to explain again, he just says he gets it and (detail removed by moderator)
      -For ages, he claimed my meltdowns were panic attacks, and needed to be treated accordingly. Both my meltdowns and my panic attacks (I do have them) trigger rages for him and threats to leave/suicide.

      There is usually an insistence I adapt/change my behaviour/ways of thinking. I do not try to get him to be (detail removed by moderator) in his behaviours. But the culture is kind of on his side by default. It really is not an ASD-friendly world.

      Anyone else deal with similar issues?

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      i do have asd and its a real disorder

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        Sorry, Girlvoice. I probably should have said “high-functioning.” And within that realm, we may still have a philosophical difference. I feel like the world isn’t structured to help people with ASD function effectively (i.e. society is disordered). But if you feel having ASD itself causes you trouble, I am sorry for your difficulties. Mine does come with poor executive function, so I can relate at least a bit!

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      im also high funnctioning
      i also get it its a hidden disablity and when ur high fucnctioning ppl get confused

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        That is so the case for me too! The worst thing is when they don’t know much about it, they don’t understand sometimes how differently you are thinking or communicating. And even if one tries to explain it, they often still don’t get it, because we seem so “normal” and don’t fit their mental image of ASD. So, they just label it something else, like “wrong.”

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      so true

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