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      Hi, im looking for others who have experience of abuse within the asian culture and of mixed race partnerships and the problems that can/do arise when you have a child and you leave the abusive relationship.

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      Hi Hun

      I come from an asian culture,i was in a abusive realtionship with my husband for 18 years, living in extended family i can now see how they were all abusers too. After now been out 18 months i beleive u can be any colour or culture , it still hits u with a massive impact. Speaking from an asian presepctive, yes u have the whole asian community to deal with who are dying to find out the details, my community in same town as abusers all said yes we knew he gave u trouble, its ok u walk out but when they relaized i wasnt going back i got balnk and ignored. Ex family told my kids mum is depressed dont worry they will get bk together, not good for me, my ex b in law said he would make my life hell for leaving his brothers, i had emmance pressure to get back with him for 9 months, i just continued to say no, no , no alone, i was isolated and my family were otherside and parents getting old so nobody could coem up much the year i lived seperate, the whole first year was a rollcoaster, ex and his family didnt undestand why i was standing my ground. End of day it is us that took the beatings,its our life, our kids that get emotional damaged from seeing the violence, nobody understands that part. Work with positive people that support u, i had a counsellor , i read up on abuse while i was waiting for counselling, i told my family im never going back full stop, thxfully my mum was my strngth when she found out he tried to kill me and read my diary of abuse she goes no way is nobody sending my daughter back, she comming bk to me , she sat with me when i told the ex and his whole family the extent of abuse i expereinced and ended she will come when her son completes his school, she sat with me when i told her about abuse and couldnt cry . If u need any support feel free to mesage me private

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