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      Hey all,

      So (detail removed by Moderator) was a really bad day but also a good day. As im working from home (his house) and I have to speak to a lot of customers and colleagues out on the road. I spoke with a male colleague on my personal phone as i dont have a work one. And my partner lost his s**t. Started throwing stuff around, jabbed me in the eye, shoved me into a wall, attempted to back hand me but I blocked it and then when my dog tried protecting me went to back hand him too. I was so scared, I genuinely thought he wasn’t going to stop trying to hurt me. All of this was during when I was meant to be working. After screaming at me to f**k off and leave…. I did! I got my stuff, my dog and I left!! I will not be made to feel that way anymore! I wont be scared of my own person incase he doesnt like it! I wont be scared to speak to people i work with! I’ve blocked him off everything and I’m never going back. I’ve said this so many times and always gone back. This was the last time I feel that fear of knowing if im going to end up in hospital, the fear of is he going to stop?. I left. Im angry that I havent done ot sooner and its probably my fault because I let it happen and get this far. But im out now and never going back.

      I know I will have doubts and I know I will question myself and if its my fault. I already am but im trying to be strong

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      Well done you. Stay strong you have done the worst part and left.

      You will obviously have doubts but you left for a reason just remember that.

      Take care of you, we are all here to support you when you have a wobble.

      beachhut Xx

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      Well done! As beachhut said, keep strong and know there is support when things get hard! But you did it and that’s great!

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      Gosh how awful for you and your dog. What a nasty pathetic little man. Sometimes we need to be pushed that close to realise just how much danger we are in. I’m sending you strength to realise this time that nothing will ever change with him. None of this is your fault so please do not carry the guilt because then he won’t have to. He is responsible for his actions and he chooses to abuse a woman and a pet. Despicable lowlife. Stay strong and keep posting. I hope you’re both okay and please report his assault to the police if you haven’t already x

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      Thankyou ladies, I’ve really struggled today. Debated going back but instead I have cried and walloped and stayed in. I have spoken to him and he has tried to make it like I left because apparently he came round and I wasn’t in (detail removed by Moderator). I didnt leave the house, so I know he’s lying. He has tried saying its my fault and I have argued but realised that I was rising to it and thats probably what he wants. Saying that he doesn’t want me even though I havent said I want to. I know that’s a way to goad me into saying why? Why don’t you want me? I want uou back ect. I have thought about saying it but haven’t.
      I’m struggling but I am doing my best. I feel broken atm

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      Stay strong. Reread this post, write down the bad times, dont speak to.him. When I was weakening I sat and played mindless games on my phone until it passed.

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