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      Dear All,

      I’ve been single for so long now that I can’t ever imagine myself being with anyone again. It hasn’t helped that I’ve met so many abusive men since leaving my abuser. I also don’t know how to meet anyone, as when I initially met my ex everything wasn’t about online dating. I honestly don’t trust online dating anyway and there are so many opportunities for abuse online due to the nature of it. I feel as if I’ve gotten used to being on my own. I am also grateful for everything I have and wouldn’t want to compromise myself to be with anyone. It’s hard and I’m so thankful for making it this far.

      Thank you for reading a part of my story.

      Stay safe,


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      Personally for me, I’m okay with my own company.

      I relish the opportunity to pursue my own interests without my husband’s input there, because of course I should be fully aligned to his interests always.

      And for me personally, I don’t see myself having a relationship after. I sorta kinda do want to, to prove to him that I am worthy but not I’m not his anymore.

      Also, online dating sucks great big balls, even 20 years ago. I am so disinterested in even considering online dating. Nope, my protocol is going all analogue should I even express an interest in meeting people and dating again.

      I really do like the idea of me being myself and free. Supporting my children + myself without any other entanglements there. But that is where I am at now, that’s not to say it would change in future. It would take a very special person to change that. And I’m okay with that.

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      I hear you about online dating- I don’t like it either. I also tried single groups. I too met abusive men and left the relationship after very quick time.

      I tell most of them who approach me with some sort of pick up line to buzz off. You should see the boundaries they violate after I say no. After a while, I did not bother with the dating and flick abusive ones away- I too sit hear and go is it actually worth all the hassle to find abusive men over and over.

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      browneyedmum I’m with u on that!! Can’t wait to be warm again instead of numbness!! Sitting in silence not fear. Online dating!! Only Online I wil hopefully be doing I’d buying something for myself without an explanation 🙂 I can’t wait for time to heal. It is painful but really looking forward to a man free life.xxxx

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