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      My husband made me so mentally ill I was unable to work. I was on benefit for years, still am. I’ve heard he’s telling people that I faked my illness. That I went for my assessment dowdy, came home and changed into gladrags! These are the kind of words he’d use so I believe he’s saying this. Now he’s got me worried that he’s reported me. It’s weird because he used to threaten to do this, even though he could see I was ill. It’s ironic because now I know it was him that caused my mental illness all along. Any thoughts or experience or advice?
      PS I keep getting logged out so if I disappear, it’s not me!

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      Hi KIP,

      Do you have GP notes and records to back up your illness?

      He has no proof for any of the things he says. It is just his twisted opinion (or projection) and they would need hard evidence, and anyway, I would imagine many people with mental health issues in our society look pretty average no one would ever guess, as so many try their best to put on a happy smile, groom themselves etc, in a brave attempt to battle their condition. Did he expect you to wear the same trousers for months and not wash your hair? No, you were trying your best to keep yourself together.

      Don’t let him instil fear in you. Let him make his claims. They only show how cruel and unfeeling he is.


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      Hi Serenity, yes I went for all the medicals I was supposed to. Even extra ones for my work. I guess he’s just trying to discredit me. Makes you wonder what else he’s saying😁 Scary

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      hey hun

      again his trying to stop u settling financial claim, trying to indirectly distract u, let him say what he wants, u know the truth , they will try every tatic possible , it doesnt matter what his saying to others, doesnt matter what others say , u experienced it and your opinion is the most important, 100% gurantee u he wont report u

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      Jelly bean

      Hi kip

      As long as you know the truth that’s all that matters. You have the evidence from your medical records so there is nothing to back up his horrible lies! It’s not nice though so can totally understand why you’re wondering what else he is lying about. Don’t let him make you question yourself, if he’s reported you then it’s only going to look bad on one person and that is him. I know how it feels for lies to be told about you to others and the worry of how it makes you look, what others are saying about you etc. He’s just trying to make you look bad to distract people from The truth! X

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      Thanks for the pep talk. I’m just feeling a little vulnerable. Yes, I know the truth and yes I have all the evidence. I’m letting him in my head again and that’s not good…..

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      Falling Skys

      Hi and hugs

      Your medical condition will be well documented.

      He’s just a vile man trying to carry on the abuse, stay strong the people that matters know the truth.

      FS xx

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      You can counteract this by telling everywhere that he abused you. It is easy. Tell what he did to you to everybody who wants or does not want to hear it. You are just telling the truth, ….

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      These are the tactics of a desperate man who has been publically defamed. You know he was the cause of your issues and that you have these documented, do not let your self doubt creep back in. Let him shout it from the rooftops if he feels the need, because frankly its bullsh*t and he knows it. He will jus have further to fall from his high horse. People are less likely to believe him now too, and actually he’ll probably just put more and more people off him.

      Stay strong x

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