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      I am claiming JSA and am now attending the work programme. I’ve actually found it quite good. Last year I did s temp job for 6 months which, although I knew it wasn’t for me, did give me some experience. And the man who is my ‘advisor’ (don’t really know what they call themselves), likes me because I do want to find a job. But, at the moment, not least because of the antidepressants, I feel tired and my head is really not working properly and I just feel totally exhausted He picked up on this today and we had a little chat and I got quite teary. I don’t want to tell him about the antidepressants, though I feel he would be sympathetic, so I said not finding a job was getting me down and my daughter is f school sick again, both of which are true, and I was worried about the Easter holidays coming up and having no childcare if Ifound a job. He was very understanding and I came home early. Now I’m wondering whether to go off sick for a couple of weeks, until the side effects wear off and to Serer if than i feel a bit more lively. I’ve done this before whilst on JSA. It’s just the thing of telling a future employer about it. I’m very wary of saying to anyone that I take antidepressants. I think actually that my depression is quite mild. If I had anything else wrong I would take time off. Is there still such a stigma attached to this or of it just me?
      Thanks ladies

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Eve – you are doing so well – trying to get on with your life and stand on your own two feet – you will get that perfect job one day – I know you will. 🙂

      You are so lucky to have a kind and understanding advisor who really listens to you and genuinely seems to care.

      I can really understand you not want him knowing about the antidepressants – but maybe it would help him understand you better and understand the situation you find yourself in – maybe it would would help you too to open up and share with him how you feel and what you are going through.
      If you have found someone in this advisor with whom you can open up to and whom you can’t trust – and if you feel comfortable doing so, I would talk to him.

      Maybe it would help to go on the sick, just to give yourself some time and breathing space. Time to mend, time to rest and get back on your feet.

      I honestly dont know if there is still a stigma attached to taking antidepressants – I’d like to think that in this day and age employers would be, and SHOULD BE more understanding – as you say it’s an illness just the same as any other, and so should be treated the same too.

      Keep going – chin up!!! 🙂


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      Hi Eve,

      You know yourself best.

      I have been in awe of the women here to return to work, even amidst chaos. I was such a mess, my work suffered greatly.

      I know you’ve managed to cope so far. But I also know you’ve been struggling of late.

      If you feel you are really struggling physically, emotionally, mentally, maybe you need a little time off. Only you know how your mental health is. And don’t feel guilty if your mental health is suffering.

      I am only just now starting to see my work not as a mountain to climb, but as therapy. But it took me months to get there.

      Only you know how you feel and what state you are truly in. No one should make you feel guilty about it.

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      At the time of offering me the job, my company knew that I had been off work long term. (about a year) The company I think had agreed to take on some candidates from the local jobcentres. I was one of about 3 or 4 candidates from the jobcentre. I also got put forward for this job after seeing the disability employment advisor at the jobcentre. (you can have a disability or a long term health condition)

      They didn’t know why. Once I had the offer I told them of my long term mental health and they assessed me as being fit for the role and hours that I was being employed for. I requested part time hours.

      Later after I passed my probation things came about that I had to disclose that I was living in a refuge. They didn’t know what had happened that I needed to live in a refuge. (Male Boss asked if I was in some sort of witness protection. Lol!)

      My opinion is that if it’s a permanent job, disclose after the offer but show them how you plan to manage your condition around the job so that it doesn’t affect your role. If it is a temporary job don’t disclose unless you are willing to lose the job and take them to tribunal for discrimination. ( one of the ladies on the old forum did this and won a tidy sum but it was dicey!)

      I don’t think you really have to tell the employer that you were on the sick for a few weeks while in between jobs. I never disclosed that my mental health made my job hunt longer and no one asked if I was sick while looking for a job.

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      Thank you for your replies. I spoke again with the advisor and he said obviously it was up to me and he understood. I still didn’t mention antidepressants. So I decided to go off sick from next week. Then later he rang me back and said if he let me off from going in for 2 weeks ( currently I go in to their office [detail removed by moderator]) would that help, as going off sick may ‘jeopardise my future job prospects’. I see where he’s coming from so I’m going to try that first before going off sick. It might still give me breathing space for the side effects to wear off.
      Today I’m still getting the headache and I’m really tired. I’m on my way to visit Mum, just dropped daughter off with her Dad for the weekend, so will have a bit of time to myself tomorrow.
      Thanks again

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