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      Just tried to renew my insurance and because my husband is still on the title deeds and has a criminal record they’re refusing to insure!! I have an exclusion order so why am I paying for his crime. So so angry. I think I need to phone round for a specialist insurers? Anyone been through this? So sickđź‘ż

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      Why is he still on the title deeds? Wasn’t this dealt with by the divorce lawyer?

      One: apply to have his name removed from the land registry.

      Two:”If he still has an interest in the property, contact the British Association of Insurers, and ask for a specialist insurance broker who deals with divorce assets insurance.

      Three: make a complaint to the insurance and financial ombudsman.

      Four: Contact the Money Advice Service on how to protect your assets during a divorce.

      All is not lost. Always a way. There’s always a financial loss in divorce and more so if you are divorcing an abuser.

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      He won’t co operate regarding finances so I’m having to take him to court. We are still married. And he still technically owns half the house. I stupidly wasted time and money trying to sort things via solicitors and he just lied. I’m trying to psyche myself up for court again. I’m still traumatised from the criminal court. Thanks for your reply. I will ring the British Association of Insurers.

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      Yeah abusers string things out. It’s better to let the court deal with them and the finances and the child care arrangements and make your own statements about what you think is fair.

      It’s faster than the negotiation mediation the merry go around.

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      I would try other companies via google compare

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