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      So, had a complete meltdown today with support worker. She called GP surgery as an emergency. They called me back. He seemed to understand, and explained it sounded like -ptsd but only offered valium! Is that really the only option on the NHS? I was assessed by talking therapies a long time before covid but as it was DA they said it was too complicated and specialised for them and I couldn’t access the service. Maybe its changed now. Can anyone suggest where to go? I don’t have money for a private counsellor. Im finding it really hard to navigate the online NHS system. It wasnt my normal GP and was a man so he didnt know the backstory first hand, cant get an appointment with my own GP. Don’t know what to do. Don’t feel very well at all.

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      Wants To Help

      Hi iliketea,

      Gosh, it’s been around a year, and you’re still here helping others, you’re still out and YOU’VE GONE AND B****Y DONE IT! You have left your abuser for good 🙂

      Sadly, you are still suffering the aftermath of leaving, still riding the roller coaster, still climbing the mountains (only to find the one behind it is even bigger) but no matter HOW HARD this has been for you YOU HAVE NOT GONE BACK.

      STOP! And breathe.

      You are doing amazing. You are a fighter. You are a single mum to two young children. They are alive. You are alive. You got out of it alive. They have a mummy who is no longer being abused on a daily basis in their sight. You are intelligent and resourceful. You are caring. You still don’t know when this will fully be over. You are exhausted.

      I cannot answer your question, but we know each other from this forum, so I wanted to respond.

      Don’t underestimate how far you have come.

      I’m sorry you are still struggling, I hope things get easier for you very soon x

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      OK, think I can help a bit.
      I did something similar. Got out and had a subsequent mental health meltdown. I had Talking Therapies counselling during the relationship and it was a general chat, no use. GP referred me back to them. This time it was different. The worker I spoke to did a trauma assessment with me and my scores were sky high. He said, in my area, they now offer specialised trauma therapy. It is not done with a member of their team but outsourced to a national organisation where the waiting list is only 4-6 weeks. I am now waiting for my first appointment.
      Hopefully in your area Talking Therapies have also changed to offer this. Go back to them and see. Good luck.

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      I had the same experience with talking therapy a few years back being told they could not offer whst I really needed. I was also still in the situation. I was offered antidepressants. I am out now on my owm looking for the same help. I feel I need trauma therapy too. I sincerely hope you get that help. We know what we need to heal. You have come so far and are stronger than we feel.

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      I found that my GP was only too happy to offer an abundance of prescribed drugs when I knew I needed counselling but I was told counselling wouldn’t help whereas I knew that being “drugged up” to the max wouldn’t help me!
      I did eventually find myself a fantastic counsellor who specialises in DA trauma and crisis management.
      Whilst my counsellor is private, they offer discounted rates in some circumstances so perhaps that could be an option.
      Please do keep trying to seek help because ultimately only we know what it is that we need to continue to help us overcome our situations.
      Please continue to stay strong xx

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      This may account for why you’ve been having such a rough time recently. Please Google “IAPT” and follow it up with the name of the town/city you live in.

      I think IAPT is national and you get 12 free sessions via self referral. I had trauma therapy with them which didn’t work so I’m now on the waiting list for EMDR which seems to get good results with PTSD. I wasn’t offered EMDR before so I think its new this year.

      You could also try who offer free counselling to women who are survivors of domestic abuse. They offer up to 18 free sessions.

      IAPT and Women’s Trust now offer sessions via zoom.

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