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      Never ending

      Shortly the cafcass officer is visiting my (age removed by Moderator) year old at school. She’s not told me what for or anything only that it won’t take long.
      After she is visiting me. It doesn’t seem to matter what I tell this woman or how many people tell her the same thing she doesn’t seem to understand that if when we return to (detail removed by Moderator) if she suggests my ex have shared custody like he wishes then my life and my child’s is in danger.
      We’ve been seeing a contact centre that’s run by cafcass and the workers there have suggested contact centre only so cafcass adjourned the last court hearing to see if more time together would improve things between ex and child. It hasn’t.
      She seems determined to give him shared custody despite it having serious implications on my child’s health (they’ve developed anxiety, nightmares, severe seperation fear from me, become clingy,paranoid and at times aggressive…..none of which is my child as has only happened since being forced to see the ex ) my child has witnessed violence,aggression,screaming shouting and abuse and at me from my ex aswell as threats and abuse towards child. As a result they are terrified f him hate seeing him and even told contact centre that seeing him makes her feel sad and scared.
      But cafcass won’t let it lie. I’m now sat terrified at home that she’s going up the school and my child doesn’t know her and due to how she is if a stranger asks her a question she will give the answer she thinks they want not what se feels (even contact centre noticed this) but I’m worried cafcass are going to push to get what they want from her then disregard everything I’ve said and tell courts he should have shared custody (I’ve said contact centre only until child is older and can decide for themselves ) if he gets shared custody I fear for my life, he’s already threatened to kill me, kidnap child, he’s threatened family so much so they are moving away, (detail removed by Moderator) .
      This man abused me for years, bullied me kept me like a slave has never had anything to do with child even when we lived together and only decided he wanted “possession” when I got the courage to leave.
      I’m terrified of what will happen and them giving him knowledge of the area I live and childs school etc (at present all witheld from him by courts) I know that if they grant him what he wants I may aswell give up now as I know he will find and kill me and take my child and subject them to the same cruel life I once managed to rescue them from.

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      Hey HUn

      Just wanted to send a hug of support , really hope things go for u in your favour

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      Oh hun, that is awful. Did you speak to WA? You need a WA case worker to support you!
      They cannot give away your secret address!
      Are you able to get legal aid or a no win no fee solicitor?
      These stupid people are not afraid of you. That’s why they misbehave. Did you think of involving your local MP?
      Can you follow a complaints procedure, climbing up the ranks with each complaint?
      I think you need to start a battle on several levels. xx

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      Hi. You can get free legal advice at Women’s aid can also do risk assessments that can be used in court. Good luck xx

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