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      Hey all,
      It’s been a fair while now being out of an abusive relationship and I have had zero contact from my ex which has been blissful. I’ve been able to focus on myself and my work and just start to heal somehow.

      Recently I’ve just been getting random calls from random numbers- every time I go to answer it the person cuts off without saying a word.
      I really don’t know who it is or why they call but I’m scared it may be my ex or his friends just spooking me.
      I’m unsure if it is because I had my number changed not long ago and haven’t gave it to anyone who would know him.

      I also keep getting text messages from another bank account I’m meant to have- saying a new person has been added to it. I’m not associated with the bank or having an account with them so I’m unsure if it’s a scam or someone playing with my mind. I’m just so confused and lost right now.

      I really can’t think straight with this anymore and I’m just so confused on how to feel or what to do…

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      Hi My beautiful angel… Bravestrongheart,
      Firstly, Well done for how far you have come
      Regarding your phone, numbers are recycled so the calls and texts you are having could be for the previous owner of the number.
      I have had this happen to me.. calls from call centres, texts and always asking for the same name.
      I just block them.
      Stay vigilant and alert, but do not let this set you back as you have come so far
      Sending love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Hi Darcy, thanks so much for the love and support 💕 it means a lot!

      I’m just staying alert with it all at the moment as it’s been a long while now since he (ex) did anything…

      But nothing stops them from coming back when you’re at your highest.

      Sending love and support x*x

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      Oh my goodness, yes, I can see why you might be worried.

      With some phones you can block calls from unknown numbers. It might be worth Googling to see if you can do this with your phone.

      The silent calls could be an automated dialling machine. They are used by cold calkers. They dial a whole load of numbers at once but only have a few operators to respond when the call is answered. E.g. They will automatically dial numbers at once. The first 3 people to answer will be connected to the cold caller. The last 3 to answer will just hear a click as the machine automatically disconnects you. But – clever machine – remembers that you haven’t spoken to the telesales operator so it calls you up again later.

      It might be an idea to call the bank that you got the text from just to check that no-one has opened an account in your name.

      If you are really worried see if you can change your number.

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      Hey, sorry to hear you’re struggling.
      I always get anxiety when a number I don’t recognise calls me. Have you tried googling the nu.bers? I’ve had random calls before and googled the number to find it come up listed online as a harassing number.
      Personally I usually won’t answer any numbers I don’t recognise as I just figure if it’s someone who I know and they need to get hold of me they’ll message or something. Sorry if that’s not very helpful. If not, as others have said you could always change your number again just to put your mind at ease a bit more. Hope you’re ok xx

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      Thanks Eggshells and gettingtired, I’ve blocked the numbers and will try contacting the bank for the random messages too, just in case anything has been opened!

      Just a bit on an anxiety thing with the whole callers. But yes I don’t usually answer them, but when I did they just ended the call which was unusual.
      And of course gettingtired I usually just assume if anyone needs to get hold of me they’ll leave a voicemail or a message. But nothing. It’s just odd.

      Sending love and support to you both 💕

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