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    Does anyone have experience of challenging claims of mental illness made by their ex partner? Mine is constantly trying to bait me about my mental health and saying I have a serious mental health problem when I haven’t
    I believe it’s being done to try and get full costofy of our children and stop me from seeing them altogether. A lot of the sorrwspndence is written by his new partner but signed by him – they have completely different writing styles.

    How can I protect myself and my children?

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    If you were to be diagnosed with a mental illness remember it is not an offence and does not mean you cannot care for your child or children. Quite the opposite. Ignore the allegations. It’s mud slinging and just shows how stupid they are. If it was brought to court for any reason with this allegation a quick note from a medical person would knock it on the head. Go to your GP and tell them of your fears and make sure there is a note on your file that they are making malicious and unfounded allegations about you. Get it written down. They are being utterly ludicrous and should be made aware of this. If you are in proceedings you could always volunteer for a mental health assessment at their expense! I have had years of being told I am unstable, chaotic, a bad mother. Luckily I have had jobs that entailed psychological assessments and they all show that I am calm and well balanced. It’s another thing these men do…they all do it… allege we are mentally unstable. Hot air.

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    You go zero contact. That way he cannot write these things and you won’t get to read these things. Unless he has a degree in psychology I would ignore his delusional nonsense. You do not need to reply to anything. Is there a contact order in place? Do you have someone to act as a go between?

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    Ah yes, that old chestnut. It’s horrible when they do this. Often, they’re projecting their own problems onto you. I don’t think they know they’re doing it. I don’t think they have the capacity of introspection to realise. It’s a sort of gaslighting.

    To make false claims about someone’s mental health absolutely feeds into discrimination. Keep records but try not to read. All these allegations are a reflection on him, not you. People who project their MH problems onto someone else are the ones in trouble.

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    Yes, they all do this; stay with your truth and go no contact; it took me years, but now I dont react to anything he says – see it all as BS and vile. It does not wash in court. Its also no crime to struggle with mental health as M says, in fact it’s expected when in an abusive situation. He’s got nothing here. Put them out SC and go no contact – you seen the Our Family Wizard app? Might help x

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    Any mental health issues you may have are more than likely see directly attributable to his abuse I would bet.

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