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      A conversation came up which involved one of his ex . I quizzed him on why he left her. He said she became ‘battered’. She had changed since going to a [prestigiuos uni]. She got fat and slept with other men. When I asked him “Did she tell you that?”(referring to the cheating) he said no he could just ‘sense it”.

      The same with another ex. He said she was sleeping with other guys when he left her because she told him she had started (detail removed by Moderator) lessons. He said that the (detail removed by Moderator) coach was a guy who she was sleeping with. When I asked him “Was the (detail removed by Moderator) coach a woman?” he said, “no…well I don’t know but I believe the coach was a guy and she was sleeping with him”. He said he can just tell if a woman has cheated / slept with other guys – so all his exes cheated and he knew just from his intuition alone with no proof or evidence?


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      My ex said that too. It seems we women are all nymphomaniacs in the eyes of the abusers. This could not be further from the truth. It shows how sick their thinking is.

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      with u on that one Ayanna …i was having sex with everyone! the guy at the petrol station, the cashier boy at the local shop, basically any man i came into contact with, inc. HIS mates on nights out (i’m assuming we went into the club toilets to do this??? although he never mentioned anything about these alleged incidents to his mates, the accusations were solely directed at me!) – near the end he actually became paranoid that i was having a sexual relationship with my own brother and my dad!

      i never cheated on him once throughout our relationship and marriage, ironically he was the serial cheater not me… but if i ever even dared to mention what he’d been doing then he’d say i was upsetting him and would threaten to leave me and dissapear off out with his mates (yes the same mates I was apparently cheating on him with).

      sadly his paranoia resulted in him becoming so angry that i was ‘cheating’ on him that he violently raped me as punishment – for me No Contact began after that night 😢 i changed the locks while he was out the next day, got a restraining order, and filed for a divorce.

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      What a load of codswallop.

      Reinventing history to justify his own warped tendencies.


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      Falling Skys

      Mine told a male friend of ours that he dreamt we were having an affair…. Only started seeing him and family again after we split.

      It says so much more about him than it does us.

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