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    I can see why, because children will miss/need their other parent, true,for good parents that take their child protection seriously and safeguard their children’s welfare.

    Unfortunately it means that children of abusers will still need to go to the abusive parents as usual too. Sad for any woman having to hand over children under this ruling.

    Personally I would suspect that an abuser would use this to take children, and out them at risk and that, for me,changes everything, and adds risk to the children which courts havent yet accounted for.

    Stay well and safe everyone

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    I worry that he’ll turn around and keep our little one saying he’s isolating! Can he do this when I’m the live with parent? All a bit scary if you ask me x

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    Hi ssid

    I just wanted to show you some support. This is a very worrying time and I hope you and your children do stay safe.

    You can keep checking the Women’s aid news page for advice and information.

    Take care and keep posting to let us know how you are doing.


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    Lavenderrose that’s exactly what I’m worried about! My ex is being creepily nice. It doesn’t sound like much but he told me to take care of myself…….it is way more than it sounds. I’m trying not to get taken in but it’s hard and I really couldn’t bear it if he keeps my child. They are absolute brutes!!!

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    Hi FF, yes they will use absolutely anything to hook us back in. Mine is using this virus at every opportunity. Trust your gut, creepily nice, is not him worrying, he’s trying to confuse you. Use this isolation to your advantage not his. You’ve heard of someone who knows you through someone else who’s been to the doctor and are in isolation, or you saw an ambulance at a neighbour’s. Stay safe, protect yourself and your children. 💞💞

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    Thank you very much Lisa for your words of support.

    Lavenderrose, its not ok to lie, but it wont be the first time, or any different from all the other times.

    I would suggest that if he does this you get your little one back, as the govt says children move between families, and hes even more likely to not look after your child if he really is ill.

    Bathe child and put all clothes straight in wash.

    Leave coats out for 3 days for any virus to become inactive.

    Stay well all x

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