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      I wondered if anyone else feels the need to be wrapped up in clothing as part of PTSD?

      When my PTSD first came on, I had to wear this coat all the time. I had to wear it zipped up to the neck to feel safe. It was woolly and soft, with a big hood. It made me feel like I was tightly wrapped in a blanket. Without it, I felt vulnerable.

      Even now, I need to wear big scarves draped around my neck and covering my front and throat. Without one, I feel exposed and vulnerable and my anxiety increases. In bed, I need to wear this fluffy dressing gown tied with a belt, in order to feel safe and

      Does anyone else have this need to be wrapped up?!

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      White Rose

      Hadn’t thought about this but I understand what you mean. Is it our bodies telling us we need to snuggle up and feel protected. It’s all we ever wanted but we got the opposite from our abusers?

      Now I’m off to bed to snuggke under my fleece blanket in my granny style nightie and probably wearing my fluffy socks too! Night Serenity, sleep well xx

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      I changed the way I used to dress.
      I am always wrapped up. I prefer ponchos and scarves and warm boots.
      The jackets I have are soft and lined and hooded. I never used to wear hoodies. Now I wear them all the time with a poncho wrapped around.
      In my bed there are many pillows to hold on to and I usually sleep in comfortable clothes under a pile of blankets.
      I feel cold most of the time.

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      I am the opposite. Maybe because putting his hands round my neck was his favourite form of intimidation. I really struggle to wear anything that touches my neck. Especially if it ‘pulls’. A soft scarf is mostly ok if it is also light and loose, but I cannot bear any tops with a high neckline. I am trying to work on it because I get cold… But mostly I wear lower cut tops/v-necks etc, because it is easier. It also took me a while before I felt safe to wear necklaces.

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      Hi serenity. When i were with my ex i used to have a scarf round my neck quite a lot. Especially when visitors came. It were one of these dress scarfs you would wear with a jacket. I also used to have a cushion on my knee too and still do this quite often. And in bed now ive several pillows. But when i go to sleep i need to be holding one to make me feel safe and secure i guess. I dont really have the scarf much these days.. funnily enough that began to become less when i left him. X

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      It seems to be a common thing- clothing, cushions and blankets- and woolly socks!- helping to make us feel safe.

      I Can Do This: I use cushions in that way too.

      Tiffany, I can well understand how you find those things claustrophobic given your circumstances. I
      used to hate necklaces and high-necked clothing too. It’s been quite a recent thing for me like it or need it.

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      Hi Serenity,
      I hadn’t thought about it, but now you’ve mentioned it I have been wrapping myself in big cardigans and coats for about a decade now. I started wearing big baggy dark clothes to look as unattractive as possible and not attractive any attention. At home I’m always snuggling fleece blankets and cushions to me as well as surrounding myself with knitting and books etc, like walls of protection to keep him away. He refuses to respect any boundaries I set so I set physical boundaries instead. However reading the posts on here, I’ve realised they also form a comfort and supportive zone around me to help me feel safe and comforted.😊

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