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      I love books

      I am new here have posted before.
      I left abusive partner very recently.
      Not easy as you all probably know.
      My anxiety is not as bad today and am trying to focus on legal aspects.
      My two teenage children are still at family home.
      I am worried that because they are still there people will not believe me about what has happened and think it can’t be that bad.
      He has been arrested (detail removed by Moderator) by police before.
      The police asked me if I wanted to press charges but I said no at time as scared hoe he would react.
      Anyway his name is on title deeds of house
      And he has all money paid into his account.
      He is threatening to sell house and then he’s not might open a local business and then not.
      I don’t trust him.
      How can I access legal advice I need to try and prevent him selling house.
      My mother paid bills for many years and financially helped a lot.
      She even paid business rates on a property he is about to sell.
      He will be very wealthy.
      I am sitting here with no job staying at a relatives house.
      I have read something about registering a notice on legal title of property on land registry so home can’t be sold.
      I don’t have money for a solicitor but feel I must act quickly.
      Thank you for reading.
      Hope it makes sense.

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      Hi I love books

      I’m do sorry to read what has been happening. Well done for takibg that step of getting out. That’s your first hurdle cleared.

      I’m afraid you are going to need a solicitor. Have you checked to see if you’re eligible for legal aid? If not, you will have to pay unfortunately. Some solicitors will do a payment plan for you. Alternatively, you may have to try and get a loan.

      You don’t say if you are married. If you are then the starting point is 50% of everything is yours. Then they look at differences in income, who is looking after the kids etc and adjust accordingly.

      If his name is the only name on the title deeds then I’m not sure what you can do to stop him from selling. Again, you’d need proper legal advice- you could try Citizens advice.

      Your first priority now is to try and get your children out of there and away from him. He will be using emotional and psychological abuse on them which is incredibly damaging. He will also use them as weapons against you.

      You have quite a journey ahead and he will make it as hard as he can. Please stay strong. Try to get support from family and friends and post on here when you need to talk to ladies who really understand.

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      I love books

      Thank you Eggshells.
      Yes I am concerned about my children d is starting (detail removed by Moderator)
      in September.
      S starting (detail removed by Moderator) in September.
      D wants to live with me till then.
      I can’t ask s as partner would be around listening.
      I am staying with sister she has brain damage due to tumour not exactly relaxing here either but grateful I can stay.
      She can’t deal with me very well.
      Short term memory gone.
      I thought because they are older
      I let them down (detail removed by Moderator) years ago
      A bad night d rang police.
      He was arrested.
      I left for 1 night and went back.
      Took the children with me of course.
      It all seemed such an enormous mess to deal with then.

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      I love books

      Sorry what I meant regarding children is that because they are older now that I thought they would be safer as he tends to behave in day I ask my d every day are things ok they know they can flee here where I am we live in small village

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      Im so sorry, it all sounds very difficult for you.

      Please consider contacting your local dv charity to ask for help. You are escaping an abusive relationship so your local authority has to re-home you. In some counties you have to make yourself homeless to be re-homed but you have already done that by moving out so that’s the first step taken care of.

      You also need to make sure that your children are safe so please get them out of there. I do understand that it’s not easy but hidden abuse causes hidden damage. They are still young and vulnerable just as you are vulnerable at the moment. They shouldn’t be with him.

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      I love books

      Thank you eggshells.
      I hope you are ok today.

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      I’m so sorry you are going through this. I’m going through similar and it’s draining! Just when you need lots of strength to deal with a very difficult time. Eggshells has given amazing advice, go with that. I left with nothing so furnished our home (which is safe and peaceful) from charity shops and it’s been lovely building a home with my daughter. He’s a disgusting person who has no morals. I wish I could help you.
      Love and strength x

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