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      What experiences have any Ladies had from thier community mental health team in support. Mine have messed me about for weeks trying to get and appointment at home due to agoraphobia. I have now have the appointment for next week.
      Do they have any comprhension about domestic abuse or understanding, what type of help do they offer.
      I have had nothing but negative experiences since my teens with NHS for any mental health issues.
      I really need some expert councelling and emotional support, do they offer anythinglike this.
      Ive tried to get help in so many ways since Christmas and most has come back negative, im tired and stressed with even trying anymore and fear that this next one may come to nothing as well
      Please tell me your experiences good or bad. Thankyou

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      Hi G.C.

      I don’t want to put you off but I wouldn’t go to the CMHT for help recovering from abuse.

      As for general mental health support it’s a lottery. some staff are good and some are bad.

      I’ve come to accept that they are not capable of providing me with the help care and support I need and seem quite frankly overworked in my area.

      my first contact with them was better than the current contact but I was living in a different location then so that might be a factor.

      I say keep trying because you’ve got nothing to lose.

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      Thanks for that SaharaD, I had a gut feeling this may be the case. I will give it a try but not holding out much hope.

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      I have the worst experiences with them. I feel they need to be investigated. My last experience was so annoying that I am still too angry to write to Jeremy Hunt, because I would only use curse words about that experience.

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      Thankyou Ayanna, sorry you had such a bad experience .I will be on my guard with them then, I have had horrible experiences with NHS for decades but never been reffered for anything relating to abuse before. I intend to hold my own with them and will ask then to leave if it goes the wrong way. Ive always felt I have to do what people tell me to or ask me to but since Christmas and my real realisation of the abuse , im trying to do what I think is right for me and not do things to please others.
      Some of my experiences have been almost abusive from Phyciatrists, phyciatric nurses in the past, but im wiser now and stronger an will stand my ground, goof to be forwarned, deep down I feel it won be helpful but will give them a try once only

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      Maybe you are more lucky this time. I only met idiots. I wonder where they got their training from. But yes, be on your guard. Their assessment skills are generally spoken insufficient. They may diminish your experiences. When I feel stronger I will write to Downing Street about my experiences.

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