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      Confused 123.. I hope you get this msg, thank you for your support. I can see you’ve emailed me but for some reason I’m unable to even open the message. It’s driving me to distraction. Either I’m being completely thick and there is some obscure way of opening it that I’m missing 😫 Or there’s something wrong with the site? I’m logged on via my phone which is my only access. I clicked on your name earlier and then clicked on the private msg button that came up… Your name was highlighted above the recipient/to box but I tried typing your name in the box and got nothing. So in the hope that it would send to you anyway, I wrote out a msg and pressed send… It sent but there’s nothing in my sent box. There’s your email in my inbox but when I tap on it to open it, there appears to be no opening it. There’s no other obvious way of opening it so I’m at a loss as to what to do lol

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      Hi Star Moon:

      – Make sure you are logged in properly ( it won’t work if you aren’t logged in)

      – If you are on your phone: find a post where your name is ( your profile ) and click on your name ( clicking anywhere where your name is should work)

      – Messages / Inbox should come up. Click on these. Confused’s message should come up. Then you can scroll down and reply to her.

      I hope you are able to do this and it works for you.

      Just to emphasise, no one will judge you here. You’ve been through so much, and I for one have always been able to identify with your pain, as my ex used the same abuse and control tactic of repeated abandonment. You have unanimous support here. Xxxx

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      The situation is sensitive and many people will judge me on my choice.. I don’t want to burn my bridges here as this is the only place I can come where people understand my situation with him. I’m on a mental health forum too and I wrote my story there. Whilst they didn’t judge my situation, they have called me a bad mum for allowing him in my life and make me feel I will lose my children. But the reality is that as long as I stay strong and don’t brake down. I won’t lose them. But braking down in this situation is what I’m scared of

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      Hi Star Moon,

      Try to follow the instructions I typed above again; hopefully it will work. Xx

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