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      Hi ladies

      My ex is giving me a real headache re contact. (detail removed by Moderator) He is now telling me when those weeks will be and I have explained we need to reach an agreement.

      He wants one week before the start of school holidays when lo should be at pre-school and the other week surprise surprise falls on my weekend with lo. I only get (detail removed by Moderator) so I don’t think this is at all fair. He is basically saying tough to this even though it means lo coming back from weekend with their dad, then back with me for two days and away for a week. I really don’t think this is in her best interests.

      I am interested in what is best for lo and I don’t think this is it. I also feel him trying to assert control over me. He is missing one of his weekends with only a couple of weeks notice and expects me to just swap to suit him. I pointed out he needs to give more notice and reached a compromise as we made plans and he was pretty sarcastic about that too,

      I have a (detail removed by Moderator) but I’m scared. I’ve said no to the first week outside of school time as lo will miss a lot that week and he said he is picking lo up on those dates I have said no to.

      Has anyone been through this and what did you do? I may go back to my solicitor but I don’t want to have to keep doing this when my case is closed. I don’t want to be in contempt of court either though and in most occasions in court I have felt there was a definite bias towards my ex.

      Help, sympathy, advice much appreciated x

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      Hi neverendingstory, It sounds like you are in a very difficult situation and if I was in your place I would be getting back on to your solicitor. It seems that your ex partner is trying to exert control over you by using your child. I certainly would not be accepting him ordering you around regarding access. You have genuine reasons why these times he wants are awkward and common sense would dictate that if he took you back to court for contempt that once the full facts were put out there that any judge would see this is not one upmanship on your part. Talk to your solicitor get some legal advice and hopefully you will be able to find a middle ground that pleases you both x

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