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      Really struggling to cope after my assault.
      Every rim I drop off to sleep I panic. I’m exhausted but that’s the only way I can sleep.

      I’m trying to make sense of everything. Why did he try and kill me.

      He’s told the police that if I’ve said he’s done it then he has, as he can’t remember!!!

      I didn’t think I would see my children again and he wouldn’t listen to my begging and pleading.

      Every time I look in the mirror I cry as I don’t recognise myself… My face is a mess.
      How long will it take for the swelling to stop getting worse and then go down.

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      Falling Skys

      Hi and hugs

      I’m so sorry for your experience that you have been through.

      Its easier to say that you can’t remember that to admit you you were in the wrong, these men are abusers in their eyes they have done no wrong you are a nothing and its your fault. There is no logic to what or why they do things and it will drive you crazy trying to understand them, and if you had done anything differently they would have changed their rules to abuse you.

      Time is the healer and no contact. Don’t be hard on yourself, do things that make you feel good, a soak in the bath a nice cup of tea.

      Next week this time your face will look better probably not right, accept any support to can get. Flash backs are normal but we are all different. Post here, you are not alone.

      Let us know how you are doing.

      FS xx

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      Oh sweetheart, I’m so sorry
      You’ve had to go through this. As FS says, it’s easier to pretend he doesn’t remember then to admit that he knew what he was doing.

      It will probably take a while for your visual injuries to heal, flashbacks are sadly normal. Please find someone you can talk to about what has happened – do you have a GP you trust or a good friend.

      Gentle hugs to you xx

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      I spent hours talking to a dv counsellor today.
      I actually feel much better as its help me realise a few things. Namely it wasn’t my fault, which sounds simple to say but hard to believe.
      I think I remember when he punched me now… I’m not 100% as it was only fleeting when I was talking to me friend. I can’t explain it but I do think I remember!!
      I know he would have killed me, and that’s the hardest thing to cope with knowing what he was capable of.
      I’m being MARAC’d tomorrow so hopefully I’ll feel safer once they do the stuff that’s been suggested.
      Also getting a non mol.
      Preparing to be a prisoner in my home to keep me and my children safe. I just hope they don’t bail him.
      There won’t be any contact as I know if he gets a second chance with me he’ll finish the job.
      Going to the GP tomorrow and hopefully they can help me too.

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      Hi, So good talking to DV councellor helped you they are so good. good to see GP as well , involve every bit of help you can get. When will you know if he has been bailed, really hope they dont. You deserve to feel safe, Iv’been thinking of of you over the weekend and hoping you are coping takecare, you have had a massive trauma and shock xxxx

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      Dear lady- have you been to the Gp for some treatment? I’m so sorry he has treated you like this, it’s awful. I have experienced similar, been throttled and hit too.
      It’s so hard to come out of this period but you will. xx

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      Eventually the flsahbacks go away. x*x

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