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      Being paranoid while with there abuser? He used to keep telling me I were paranoid how I think everyone’s talking about me which I didn’t. He made me feel like that it hurts especially wben I thought they loved you now theyv sailed of into the sunset with not a care…..x

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      Oh god yeah. He used to tell me no one at worked likes me and no wonder etc. Used to tell me his friends all thought I was a stuck up cow or a b***h or many other things. Would be hard not to feel paranoid and bad about yourself. Mine also used to throw the paranoid card out when he had been caught in a lie.

      It used to really hurt me That he never got really loved me but now I am over it. Time does heal

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      Haha, I was also given the paranoia diagnosis. They all seem to be psychiatrists, with the fault that they themselves should be put in the straight jacket.

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        Hi Ayanna that comment is so funny they do need to be in a straight jacket (detail removed by moderator)…..ha x

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      Oh HUn

      They just make us doubt ourselves, the faults r within them not us

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      Yes I got the paranoid one, the mentally ill one and many many others only yesterday, feeling so so low today with chest infection and his horrible horrible words to me yesterday, felt like each word and put down was like a physical blow. Not even got up today no energy and really depressed. Reassuring to hear other have been called paranoid.
      It all boils down to them protecting themselves to our detreement, they can never ever be wrong or take any responsibility they will demean destroy us and call us everything to protect their sick warped minds.
      They actually sacrifice our well being to protect their own.
      Have to add Ayanna that most phyciatrists need the straight jacket as well.

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      @hopesprings – my ex also used to tell me that no one at worked liked me (he knew a few of them) and that they were all scared of me (due to my position in the company). At our last Christmas party I was outside with a group of colleagues. Someone started a conversation and they all said how much they liked me and there was a lot of ‘love’ for me in the company. They were all a bit tipsy but it was meant, I could tell. They had absolutely no idea what it meant to me, to them it was a bit of drunk banter, but it meant so much to me to hear it.
      He also said that I only had a few friends because I was so boring. So i got paranoid that I was boring. Since splitting up I am making new friends because I am doing activities that I could never do when with him. I can devote time to friends instead of constantly having to justify myself to him about why I want to spend time with other people. And guess what? People seem to like me 😉

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      Oh yeah I got the boring one too! And did you also know I am bi-polar ha it makes me laugh now

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        Hi hope springs I were bipolar scitzophrenick everything ha ha why stay with me then???? X

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      Apparently life with me was ‘grey’- because I had got to the point of physical exhaustion, and wasn’t running around after him like I used to, and responding to his abuse with tears like I used to.

      Where was the fun for him? Fun for him was watching others get exhausted on your behalf, and making others frightened and upset. I had stopped caring, so he was bored.

      Any normal Parker wouldn’t spend their time trying to negatively affect their partner: they would spend fun and affectionate time with their partner.

      Since he’s gone, people have said such nice things about me, which is helping build up my self-esteem again. For example, that I have a good sense of humour.

      I didn’t laugh at all his jokes, not because I didn’t have a sense of humour, but because I didn’t find his cruel jibes against unfortunate people funny. His humour was ugly and twisted. Just because I didn’t like his sense of humour, it doesn’t mean I am boring.

      He told my kids ( after he cleverly set up a situation to make me upset- too long to explain here) that I was bi-polar. Funny, since he’s gone, I am very calm.

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