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      Hi, me again. So the GP prescribed HRT on the spot when I went to find out about trauma focussed talking therapies that might be available. She said she didn’t know about any (and said even when they were available it was really hard to get sessions as they were oversubscribed and under resourced) and referred me on to the social prescriber who “might know about more that she didn’t know about”.

      So my question now is, has anyone found HRT helpful for the foggy brain, anxiety, depression, insomnia – there are so many (well, not so many but more than one) reasons for these – trauma/p-menopause/even Long Covid is a possibility – or all of them could be interwoven. I had no idea that HRT would be such a quick thing, I always thought it was something you went away to think about and then decided. But the script is waiting for me at the chemist and she’s expecting me to go get it and get on the HRT PDQ! Half of me thinks wow, if its that easy great, half of me thinks have I just been fobbed off with a “Another Moaning Hormonal Menopausal Woman” *Eye Roll*…..

      Should I be thinking this through more and researching it? She did give me a website to read information on it but said that every woman she’s known has said their symptoms have improved immediately. SO, if this is the case, have I just been making a big thing about the DA and the trauma? Argh my head hurts with all this thinking about healing, I just want to be normal again. x

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      Interesting question because I was reading a local post on fb yesterday where the lady was describing a lot of the same symptoms we experience (anxiety, sleepless nights, palpitations, dizziness, brain fog) as being peri-menopause I think it was called, and it made me doubt myself momentarily and think, am I feeling what I think I am. Is it abuse or my hormones playing tricks?! I can’t answer if hrt is right for you sorry, but I can 100% relate to your concern about whether your symptoms have been dismissed because your female and aged 30-50 probably. Hope others can help x

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      Twisted Sister

      hi Iliketea

      IDK really but I have a friend who has taken hrt and her sleep/brain fog/anxiety/crawly skin/hot flushes/ligament issues have all cleared up quickly.

      I wouldn’t say that your trauma is a result of anything other than abuse, but if a by-product of taking hrt will help you manage it, that sounds like a good thing, and it would help with any of the other symptoms you have too?

      Take sleep just for example. I have a friend who went into early menopause, and yes, it was a result probably of trauma (deaths), but her periods just stopped without warning, and she said that she would wake many times a night, even in cold weather, soaked in sweat and have to throw the covers off. She didn’t have sleep issues like you get post trauma, but the disturbed sleep alone made her days and work very difficult to manage and a huge challenge to keep functioning. All resolved on HRT.

      If your sleep is disturbed with nightmares, AND nightsweats, I have no idea how you’d get any sleep ever!

      its better to get help with one thing, which may help you manage another, maybe?

      I mean not advising you do, as thats entirely your decision of course, but it doesn’t mean its about not having suffered the trauma does it?

      You don’t have to get your prescription dispensed, take your time and do your thinking. Did you get a lot of information aobut the hrt too, so that you could have a read through risks and such?

      warmest wishes

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      Twisted Sister

      to add… I do think its an odd thing to respond with though, when you ask for trauma therapy for them to suggest hrt and social prescribers! I have no idea what social prescribers can do to deal with complex trauma from abuse! Maybe some nice walks?! Its great to have some balance in life in the form of counter-measures like being absorbed in projects and mindfulness things, but it doesn’t resolve the trauma, does it?

      I would go back to that GP and ask for a proper referral as well, and urgent.

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      Hi iliketea

      HRT has been great for me relieving anxiety, fatigue, low mood and brain fog. But. I think your doc should do some tests to check hormonal levels if your peri menopausal and give you a chance to think about if it’s right for you. I did some research and was happy when I went back to see the doc to give it a try. That said in these days of Covid and now menopause is getting a higher profile, GPs might speed up the process of prescribing. If you want a chance to think about/research it, then just don’t use it yet.

      HRT Works wonders for me and I never want to come off it as it really has a positive impact on me. Don’t know if it would be sufficient to deal with cPTSD though.

      If you do use it, keep us posted if you think it helps. Or not. I often think many women miss out on this treatment and suffer unnecessarily xx


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      Also, I contacted GP recently to access some support as I’m going through extremely stressful life events at the moment as well as dealing legally with my ex. It’s all self-referral where I live-GP just text me the details and I referred myself online and I’ve now got an assessment appointment. Is there anything like that where you live? Xx

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