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      Falling Skys

      Due to my ex not complying to letters from my solicitor and refusing mediation we are now going to court.

      Since he had the date he has become more petty than ever. I asked him to clean the toilets as they were covered in his pubic hair and poop. He ignored this and though it gulls me to do it, as we are on the market I deep cleaned them.

      I have advised the estate agents I need 24 hours notice of any viewings so is can at least have it clean in the morning.

      I come home tonight and there is used toilet paper on the floor.

      I am sure he’s doing it for a reaction, so all I am doing is taking pictures of what he does and not saying a word.

      I have sent pictures to my solicitor of what he’s doing not sure what there is anything else I could do?

      He must be a really sad individual.

      Thankyou for reading.

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      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done on purpose: passive aggression, done to sabotage viewings or at least worry you about viewings.

      Also, they want is to react angrily so they can then point the finger and then say to the kids or anyone who will listen ‘Look, she’s the abusive one.’

      My ex did all kinds of things to try to get a negative reaction from me, from leaving the house in a top when I was at work, to deliberately slurping his tea and starting to eat with his mouth open!

      Shows how childish and primitive they are!

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      How disgusting of him. He knows just how much this will get to you and so it should because its such a demeaning act. Bide your time, buy some rubber gloves and plenty of bleach. you will win in the end. xx

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      Terrible. My ex used to p**s all over the toilet and the floor and left the poodles. When I complained he beat me. So I ended up cleaning and not saying anything. Since I am out I developed some obsession with decorating my bathroom really pretty. Life on my own is just so much better 🙂

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      Falling Skys

      Thank you ladies, I felt so much that my hands were tied but one day I wont have to clean up after him and what a great idea Ayanna I will make plans in my head to have a dream bathroom.

      FS xx

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