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      one day at a time

      Recently went to court for my divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour. Granted without any problem or changes for my children. Friends say I should be celebrating but from the moment I read through my statement with the barrister, I feel numb.
      I’m going through the motions at work and home. But I don’t feel like doing anything, connecting with anyone. I just feel blank.
      Has anyone else felt like this?

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      Hey Hun

      I think at each stage of when we move on people expect us to be happy and over moon, but we r grieving for what they did to us, take each day slowly,if u need to cry, cry , cry for what he did and cry out of happiness that u managed to get away from him, stay strong it will get better in time

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      one day at a time

      Thank you Confused. I do need to start crying from happiness that I am free. 🙂

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      Hey HUn

      I know its easier said then done, its a long tunnel but there will be light at end , post as much as u need to, i got so much releif talking on here when i left and still post if things go wrong but most importantly i like to support ladies cause its just a horrible trauma we have to face and support means so much

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      My family court hearings were traumatic and abusive. They were nightmares. They were pure institutionalised abuse. I tried to remain strong. Inside I was dead for a long time already.

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      Ugh, yeah, dealing with the legal side is horrid. I’m learning to expect pretty much any emotion when I’m moving it along. I’m just about to file my divorce – so far I’ve had anger (was shaking with it), uncontrollable crying, a weird set of physical sensations, elation and a very strange feeling that I’m not in my body. Can’t wait for it to be done with.

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