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      Actually reel what they sow? X

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      I think abusers who lie find that their lies catch up with them.
      I think that these abusers who think they are god’s gift, find that old age throws a huge bucket of water on their ego.
      Selfish abusers find the self alone. Even family who have kept in touch don’t really trust them.
      They have probably burnt bridges with a lot of friends.
      The powerfulness of youth abandons them, and they are left to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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      I am with (detail removed by moderator) if I am honest. My ex seems to have found a new victim before leaving me and has managed to convince his family of his total innocence concerning lies, infidelity, etc. So in his case, he has got away with everything and still is getting away with it as he still treats me badly even though we are not together anymore. Treats his son appallingly and everyone still thinks the sun shines out of his backside. So I don’t see any consequences for him and his bad actions. I used to think you reap what you sow……until I met my ex!!

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      I think that they reap what they sow, but its possible as they are so arrogant and self centered it doesn’t really occur to them. I fully expect my ex to have long moved on now, having multiple woman all of whom he is seducing and working on his agenda, believing that he is having the time of his life ……but…….. scratch below the surface, his life is a wreck. His physical health is bad where he self neglects, his mental health is bad where I think he’s consumed by keeping up with his lies and manipulations and he has no decent prospects. So I guess he reaps what he sows in the grand scheme of things. X

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      Not all of them. Some get away with everything and their victims are actually the ones who loose big time.

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