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      when i was younger i use to write all my thoughts down even random things that didnt make sense, it really helped me work through a lot of things so now hes gone I thought i would give it a try. Ive been typing all my thoughts a feelings good and bad, been typing letters to people that i will never send. Its helping me so much, even more than it use to as a teenager.
      I mentioned this to my support worker and she says its actually a really positive thing and something they encourage both children and adults to do
      has anyone else tried this method and found it works really well? xx

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      I too often write him a letter, never gets posted, firstly, that is not the intention and secondly I don’t know where he lives now, thank goodness. But I do find it helps as I say just what I want and can be as vile as I wish, and just put down on paper my feelings, the best thing is it takes those words out of my head for a while and allows me to edit things as I wish and put them in some kind of order which at times, when my head is on the spin cycle I am unable to do. I then rip them up and put them in the bin where they belong.
      I find it really rather helpful when I am angry.

      I hope you are doing ok, and have a good day.

      Take care of you, beachhutXx

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      I think writing can help unscramble some of the mixed up things in my head. Maybe it’s because I can’t write as fast as I think and it helps slow things down. I often find on here when I share my experiences it helps me make more sense of things.

      I had a really funny and freeing experience a while back. I have been working on not fighting/suppressing my feelings for a while. I was really p!ssed off with my ex and really wanted to tell him to f-off. As I was driving away one of the techniques I use gave me the idea of asking myself “could it be ok to just want him to f-off as much as you do?” and I thought “yes, I do think it’s fine to want him to f-off. It’s not surprising after everything that’s happened. It really is ok”. I asked myself a few more times and it ended up making me laugh because all the swearing was so ridiculous. Afterwards I realised that I felt better than I would have done if I’d actually said it to him. Saying it would have made me feel stressed and probably scared of his reaction. But by allowing myself to want to say it, it was like I let go of the anger without creating more stress.

      Not sure if that makes sense if you haven’t done any techniques like that. I was just trying to get across that allowing yourself to express how you feel (like you can in writing) without censoring yourself can be really powerful. xxxx

      Btw PM me if you’re interested in the technique as it’s not hugely well known so would be identifying.

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