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      My partner is the most possessive and jealous person I’ve ever met. This has got worse over the years so much so that I’m not allowed to talk to any man, not even at the checkout in the supermarket. He’s obviously allowed to talk to who he likes! If I do he gets very angry and tells me to get out of his house. I’ve no longer any friends as they all have male partners so I cannot talk to them in case their partners are there. I even can’t talk to my sister in case her partner is about. This has recently got much worse as I’ve been called up for jury service which obviously I’ll have to talk to men. I’ve told him I love him and want only him but this makes no difference. He’s had an affair but puts that down to him being weak and won’t talk about it. He is very controlling even to the extent of what we watch on television but if something comes on with a man with a bare chest he gets angry if I see it. But he’s allowed to look at babestation and has looked up porn on the Internet. No one turn to talk to or ask for help. Just reading this back makes me think I’m daft to stay but where else can I go. I don’t work. If he disagrees with me I’m called stupid and if I have an opinion to keep it to myself. Sorry to go on but not had this chance to get it all out.

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      Hi and welcome animallover, this is abuse, no one has the rights to say who you can an cant talk to.
      He should not be watching these channels if it upsets you either, he has one rule of himself and one for you that is unequal in a reltionship.
      Have you called Womens aid to speak to them, they are wonderful in understading this manilpulative type of behaviour, read posts on here there may be more things he is diong to abuse you that you hadn’t realised.
      You can get a support worker through you local Womens aid do try to contact them , they can be busy but will call you back

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      Thank you for replying. Good to know there are people out there who will listen and not think that you are being ridiculous. Ironically he was the one who showed me an article in the paper on Sunday about this. He knows what he is doing is wrong but can’t or won’t change. If he knew that I was on this site he’d be furious. It’s worse at the weekends and holiday time as he starts drinking in the morning and continues all day. The only people who have any idea are his parents and they help me as much as they can but they are in their 80s and I don’t want to drive a wedge between them as he is their only child

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      Hi Hun

      Welcome to site. Dont even tell him u r on here, instead i would contact womens aid and seek ways to get away from him, your post reminded me of my ex, i couldnt even stare at another guy without him thinking the wrong thing, and god forbid if a guy spoke with me, he just made me feels so low about myself, these guys steal our confidence, one rule for them and another for us, really not a way to live

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