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      So it’s me again. Seems like I’m a glutton for punishment. He always changes the goal post if it’s not one thing it’s another. The latest is I don’t love him, I’m not attracted to him, I’m looking for attention elsewhere, I look at men all the time bla bla bla!! (detail removed by moderator). He has convinced himself that because he’s of mixed ethnicity that I must only fancy mixed or black males. As we walking in I look up and there’s a mixed man walking directly in front of me. My heart sank as I knew what was coming. Apparently I was looking at him. Although I had no choice as he was walking directly in my path. He made some comments and said that he too would be looking at women now as that’s what I do. I tried to ignore him and get on with my shopping as some times he knows he’s just being a jealous fool. Anyway come the end of our shopping trip my card decides not to work at the till so I had to leave him with our daughter to go and get the cash from the machine. On my return his face was thunder and he muttered that I had wondering eyes and then he said loud enough for the lady at the check out to hear.(detail removed by moderator). I was so embarrassed! I asked him to stop and he started swearing at me and told me to hurry the f*ck up and pay for the shopping. I told him people could hear and he looked at me with utter disgust and said like I give a f*ck! He then walked out leaving me in the store. The lady was horrified and asked me if I needed help. I thanked her payed for the shopping and hurried to the car. I was absolutely raging with embarrassment that he behaved like that and I front of our child. On getting in the car I told him not to speak to me. A massive row broke out. Again our daughter present. He was threatening me so I asked him to get out the car and threatened him with police as he was trying to spit at me. He got out and and yet again he’s ran off to his mothers. At a loss I can’t live like this anymore 😢

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      Hi Sugar, are you in touch with your local women’s aid? My ex humiliated me so much in public I became agorophobic. I became a nervous wreck when I went out with him. It’s part of the control. It totally wrecks your mental health. Abusive behaviour only gets worse and now your daughter is seeing this as normal behaviour. He won’t change his behaviour but you can change yours. You don’t have to put up with that x

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      Hi hun

      bless u, ive been there when they embrass u in public calling u everyname under the sun , its good his gone, can anyone help u change the locks so he cant return. please call w aid to get guidance how to remove him from your life

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