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      My mother has been threatening to kick me out constantly this month she’s always made comments about how I should pack my bags a leave but it’s got worse (detail removed by Moderator) she’s falsely reported me missing then tried to have police remove me only to change her mind. She tries to control how I should live even though I’m an adult. Even said to me I’m nothing without her and her family and how I’ll fail and end up coming back to her I move out. She’s wants me to be dependent on her like me struggling seems to give her some sick twisted pleasure. I don’t like her she’s always trying to emotionally put me down or minimise what’s she’s done to me the lying picking arguments over small things. She has phycosis but is completely aware of what she’s doing she doesn’t care. her sister is just as toxic as her and has tried to also have me kicked out. I don’t like her family either we were never close and I feel no emotional connection to any of her relatives I feel more connection to the strangers than them. Growing up I always felt my emotional needs were never met she never understood that i felt emotionally unattached to her and felt more comfortable with other women.she’ll make comments like how I should go and find another mother. She never fully owns up to things. I hate her who tells their kid you’ll fail without me or you’re going to be nothing. she also compares me to other kids too. I wish she never had children. Her son is a physical and mental abuser but she’ll stay supporting him over me and allowing to abuse to continue. Some women shouldn’t be mother’s. so I live not knowing whether I’ll be homeless because she’ll threatened unemployed and have no support system I don’t trust people and would rather be by myself. I really can’t stand my “family” it’s emotionally draining dealing with them.

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      Hello, I’m very sorry to read of your situation. She sounds awful. One of my parents has n**********c traits and has caused me a lot of hurt in the past. Unfortunately we can’t choose our family. This might sound obvious but have you been able to reach out to Womens aid or local domestic abuse charities? I’ve read on here that you can ask to speak to the police DA unit. Could you report her behaviour to them? There will be suppport out there but I understand how easy it is for me to say that.
      Her behaviour is ridiculous and reminds me of my partner often telling me to move out or that no one will want to live with me and I’ll have to move back to my hometown.
      Have you anyone you’re able to stay with temporarily until you have a place of your own? x

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      I have no support system and I’m unemployed so its very difficult. I’m not sure much can be proven if she’s emotionally abusive.

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