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      I really have bad tummy ake and I feel sick with constance pulplations because of my parnter abuse this has been the worse ever because it’s been every day and me and my children are really fed up of it . I feel so tired I’ve had no sleep my head really hurts . It breaks my heart that my partner has to give abuse to my children as well we all live on eggshells I am takeing thoes steps to get out of my house because I cant cope anymore I feel I would end up in hospital because of my partner this inverment not healthy for any of us . I’ve contact my Advocate and she ask me what day I could phone her I have let her now what day I would be on my own in the mean while I will use women aid chats and Domestic abuse chat .

      It’s so draining me of my partner behaviour I am so worn out physically and mentally he really gives me and my children abuse for something which is no fault of our his trying to control me that I cant talk to friends or even my own mom and dad because he takes it all out of me that his parients are no longer here he gives me abuse that he cant talk to his mom and dad but I can that’s not my fault he makes me feel I cant even talk to my own mom and dad and says to me how do I think he feels that he cant talk to his mom and dad. Then he gets abuse at my children about cleaning up the house which they do help out my partner never says to them that he appreciate that or ever praise then up he just gives more abuse about cleaning up he wants to control my kids what they should be doing they want to play not be diomineard or feel like they are in prison in there own home his even made them feel now that they cant play in there bedrooms because my partner feels lonely on his own we live in the same house my children like to be away from him this is why they go to there bedrooms because they dont like there dad giveing us all abuse they want some space away from him. My heart is tottaly broken of my partner behaviour and I am not going to carry on and live like this I will make a safe plan with my Advocate this week I need to get out asap .

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      I know how exhausting it is to live with abuse so take those baby steps to freedom, just keep going and take all the help you can get. Can you and the kids get out the house for a walk or to the park just to get some peace?

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      Hello Kip I managed to get out to day on my own for fresh air but comeing back home I dont feel good . It is horrible and exhausting liveing with a abuser I wish I could run away from here I have no where to go stay I have to wait till I have a phone call some time this week with my Advocate a lady or work with women who suffer domestic abuse she going to help me get out a safe plane.

      Thank you for careing Kip it means alot to me

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